Side sleeper pillow organic spelt husks

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Side sleeper pillow organic spelt husks

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Product description

h3>Side sleeper pillow organic spelt husks from speltex®

  • Cover: supple, durable organic cotton twill ( 220 g/m²) with concealed zip
  • Size: 150 x 35 cm
  • Filling: ca. 48 Litre / 3900 g premium organic spelt husks
  • Including: Additional refill bag with slide lock with 250 g capacity for individual dosage.

Matching cushion covers for the side sleeper pillow in beautiful colours can be found in our shop at Greenpicks.

The side sleeper pillow provides effective sleeping comfort for side sleepers. So you can enjoy the best and most comfortable lying position. Also recommended during pregnancy and lactation period.

Discover the pampering versatility of this pillow:

  1. Side sleepers like to use it to store the angled upper leg and upper arm comfortably. This also moderates in the lumbar region. If both legs are equally bent, it can serve as padding between the knees.
  2. Belly sleepers, it can make for a slight lateral rotation. So the neck is more straight and the breathing is free.
  3. Its particularly beneficial supporting properties and its good breathability recommend this pillow for various applications in health care (e.g. 30°-position).
  4. As a lying help in pregnancy, it can be very beneficial – and later helpful in daily use as a nursing pillow (or the sleeker and more manageable Nursing Pillow 170 x 28 cm).
  5. Maybe you have searched for a moldable, comfortable support pillow of this kind in the sofa area ...
  6. If you put this pillow along with spine and head, you will experience a gentle, relaxing stretch and extension of the muscles on the front of the body

Spelt husks are highly appreciated because of their flexible adaptability, their good supporting properties and their balanced, breathable climate characteristics. Approximately 240,000 husks that are loosely spread in this cushion store the body heat and allow a lot of air change at the same time. They form in accordance with your body contours and provide an even spreading of the lying pressure. speltex® organic spelt husks of premium sorting are of excellent quality. They contain fully mature husks without residual grains. Smaller, heavier husks and husks with grainy content, as well as dust and fines are separated. As a result, the fillings have excellent hygienic features, are comparatively lightweight and can be washed if necessary. Depending on the strain, the filling should be renewed after two to three years. More stability, a longer life, high resistance to fine abrasion and more support for the body offer fillings by speltex® organic spelt husks with rubber.

The cover is made from a cuddly twill of organic cotton and is washable up to 60° C. The fabric was pretreated with steam and shrinks at 95° C only slightly. You can also wash the filling of speltex® organic spelt husks of Premium sorting up to 60° C, preferably transferred to a special laundry bag. This also allows a quick, complete drying. The careful adjustment of the dryer favors a longer life of the filling

Filler loading
If you want a flatter, more compliant pillow, remove some of the filling. By adding you to get a higher and more supportive pillow firmness. Naturally, the filling gives way in the volume a bit over time. To obtain the optimum sleeping comfort for you, it may be useful to fill it up.

speltex® organic spelt husks are also available separately for refilling.

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