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Laundry Ball SmartKlean – round washing miracle

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Laundry Ball SmartKlean – round washing miracle

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Product description

Laundry Ball SmartKlean – The “round washing miracle”

When washing does sustainability mean to preserve the environment by low water-, electricity- and raw material consumption, and not to harm the health, eg in the form of detergent allergies.

To wash clothes without detergent, chemical additives and fabric softener? – How does it work? – Its easy with the laundry ball of SmartKlean!

The “round washing miracle” is free from harmful substances. Thus is perfect for babies, for allergy sufferer, vegans and sensitive skin. Moreover, this type of washing saves water and energy.


  • Ecological: Effectively washes 365 loads of laundry without using any soap or detergents. Replaces fabric softener and dryer sheets. Helps to conserve water and energy. Conserves energy as there is no rinse cycle or hot water required.


  • Effectively cleans fabrics with 100% non-toxic, mineral-based ceramics.
  • Leaves zero chemical residues behind on fabrics.
  • Removes chlorine from wash water preventing its residues on clothing. Excellent for babies and children. Tested and approved on cloth diapers. Ideal for those with eczema, allergies and other serious skin ailments.
  • Ingredients completely free of harmful chemicals.
  • Up to 8 kg laundry per wash cycle
  • 100 % free of harsh chemicals including surfactants, toxins, ABS, LAS, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, phthalates, artificial colorants, petroleum distillates, pesticides, fragrances, phosphates, parabens and allergens.
  • Without formation of suds


  • 14 % Ceramic
  • 14 % Anion Powder
  • 12 % Sodium metasilicate,it
  • 12 % Sodium Carbonate
  • 12 % Calcium Carbonate  
  •   9 % Neodymium Magnet
  •   6 % Cellulose  
  •   4 % Nanostructured Silver  
  •   5 % Epoxy Resin  
  •   4 % Polyamide Resin (cured)  
  •   4 % Sodium Citrate  
  •   2 % Iron Oxide Yellow  
  •   2 % Iron Oxide Yellow

None of these ingredients will be released into your skin and the environment.

Using instructions

  • Please attend the care instructions of the clothing manufacturer.
  • Please treat all stains before washing (SmartKlean spot remover).
  • Please set your washing machine to the cold water program!
  • Please put your laundry load along with the laundry ball into the washing machine.
  • Please starte the maschine.


Far Infrared Ball: Breaks the water molecules into small clusters (groups) and increases their molecular motion, penetration force and washing power. It radiates negative ions to weaken the surface tension of the water allowing the dirt to be easily removed.

Alkali Ball: Increases the pH levels in water to the same level of detergents in order to help lift oil and dirt off fabrics.

Anti-microbial Ball: Eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms. One of the ingredients of this component is nano-structured silver (silver nitrate), which is very effective in killing and preventing bacteria and infections. Some studies suggest that bacteria do not develop resistance to nano-silver nearly as quickly as they do to silver nitrate.

Chlorine-removal Ball: Eliminates the chlorine compound in the water protecting the fabrics from oxidation.

Magnets: Placed on the two opposite (inner) ends of the laundry ball, this component produces a magnetic field that reduces the size of water clusters (molecule groups) and increases dissolved oxygen. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form alkaline molecules, and reduces acidity therefore decomposing impurities and odorous bacteria.

Enclosure: The plastic exterior of the laundry ball is composed of environmentally-friendly thermoplastic elastomer free of BPA and PVC. Its shape and weight is designed to create agitation in order to beat dirt and grime off clothing during the wash cycle, somewhat similar to the old way of cleaning laundry before washing machines were invented!

General function Through a chemical process, detergents make surfaces more susceptible to water, and increase the pH levels, making it easier for the water to remove the dirt from the fabrics. The downside is that most of the chemical ingredients used to achieve this are toxic to your health and the environment. The laundry ball is filled with four types of mineral-derived ceramic beads and two magnets, each performing different cleaning functions. When these components come in contact with water, they form ‘oxygenated’ water with an increased pH level and an ability to eliminate germs and bacteria. The result is fresh, safe and clean laundry!

Maintenance and care of the laundy ball The ceramics work best if they are fully dried every 10-30 washes and sunlight is the best way to reduce the moisture content of the components. The sun will heat up the ceramics and also the surrounding air. This causes the humidity to fully evaporate from the ceramics allowing them to work at their optimal function, such as the first time it was used. The quartz mineral present in the laundry ball is also energized by the sun, adding more power to its functions.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine (Front OR Top Loader) Fill up the washing machine with hot water and pour in 2 cups of white vinegar (organic recommended). Let it sit for 1 hour then start washing machine and run through a complete cycle.  Front Loaders: Pour vinegar in soap dispenser and run machine through a complete cycle.

Using the laundry ball in particularly hard water, we recommend the addition of washing soda!

For bulk orders please contact us here.


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