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Natural Mattress | organic millet | 67x100x11 cm

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Natural Mattress | organic millet | 67x100x11 cm

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Product description

Natural and Organic Mattress filled with organic millet husks and natural rubber – Element 67 x 100 x 11 cm – for three-piece mattress

As you make your bed so you must lie on it, is an old proverb. A high quality natural mattress guarantees you many relaxing nights and healthy sleep - the basis for general physical and mental well-being.

11 cm – filling chamber elements for three-piece mattress
11 cm mattresses are available combined as three elements. These are very handy, interchangeable and nestle almost seamlessly to each other (no narrow gap or similar). The filling chambers are arranged in that way that the filling material can’t accumulate excessively at any point and the lying surface is evened out again and again.

Enjoy a relaxed, calm feeling of lying on pure natural materials ...
The speltex®-natural fillings snuggle and support all areas of the body smoothly and evenly. A special, intricately crafted filling chamber system ensures that the fillings do not accumulate too much at any point, and lying hollows are equilibrated again and again. Like soft sand the fillings depict your body contours.

Due to the fine-grained structure of millet husks arises a selective high softness. About 16 million individual shells spread in this mattress the lying pressure particularly evenly. Perhaps you have already experienced a similar relaxing lying during your holiday on soft sand. Grain husks fillings ensure maximum air circulation. Thus, redundant heat does not accumulate close to the body.


  • Size: L 67 x W 100 cm x H 11 cm
  • Cover: velvety, supple organic cotton twill filled with organic millet husks and natural rubber in special filling chambers (analog translation of German).
  • Filling: ca. 105 Liter / 10,5 kg organic millet husks with natural rubber

Please place your mattress pad out of the box so that the angle chambers point as arrows to the foot of the bed. It is not absolutely necessary to ventilate this mattress from below because of the good permeability of the filling, but it is an advantage. A pad made from coconut ensures preventing the elements usually sufficient from slipping and stiffens the mattress at the bottom. This is especially advantageous if the spacing of the slatted base exceed 2 cm.

Hardness grade and refilling: The mattress pad is supplied with a high filler loading, you can easily customize to your needs. The easiest way to do this is to put the pad alongside a wall or cling it to a railing. You can push or pull out to the side the upholstery hose underneath the zipper, and then tuft filling or bail it out (eg with a cup). The single lying zones can also be filled differently – for example, fixed in the lumbar region and resilient in the pelvic and shoulder area.

Filler loading: The filling of grain shells becomes even smoother during use and gives way in volume. To obtain the optimum sleeping comfort for you, it may be useful to fill it accordingly. Once you sink too deep in the area of the pelvis, a correcture is necessary.

Usage: This mattress pad can be placed on existing mattresses. Its own weight ensures usually sufficient to prevent slipping. It is also used with pleasure on treatment couches, which proves to be conducive to deep relaxation. Rolled out on a carpet or sleeping mat, it may also be used well as a sole sleeping pad.

Washing: The mattress cover is made of a breathable, durable mattress ticking from organic cotton and is machine washable up to 95° C. The shrinking is then about 2 %. At 60° C the shrinking is under 1 %.

Lifespan: The durability of the filling allows a use for at least six years or more. For reasons of hygiene it can be a useful to replace it at shorter intervals. You can do this yourself or ask your dealer to send it to us. The fillings can also be emptied and composted.

Fillings for reload or a complete replacement, you get by the kilo and in 50 liter or 250 liter trading units.

Hint: This product is originally intended for sale into the German market. This explains why the labelling on product packages may be is in German only.

For bulk orders please contact us here.


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