Ergonomic Meditation Cushion – Seat Cushion with Organic spelt husks and Rubber – without Stitching

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Ergonomic Meditation Cushion – Seat Cushion with Organic spelt husks and Rubber – without Stitching

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Product description

Ergonomic Meditation Cushion – Seat Cushion with Organic spelt husks and Rubber – without Stitching | speltex

Almost half of the day we spend with sitting. All the more important that we take a healthy and back-friendly posture when sitting. On an ergonomic seat cushion filled with organic spelt husks and natural rubber you sit very well.

  • For higher sitting without stitching
  • With more filling volume

The seat of this big cuddly cushion extends to the thigh area. The even weight distribution promotes good blood circulation. It supports the pelvis stable in a slightly inclined forward position and facilitates an upright posture of the spine.

  • Organic spelt husks with rubber: cuddly, fine, virtually noiseless (no rustle of filling)!
  • With refilling bag 100 grams
  • Filling: organic spelt husks with rubber about 1200 g
  • Size: 63 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 1300 grams
  • Cushion Cover: 100% organic cotton (Half Panama fabric) reactive dyed according to the strictest guidelines
  • Colours: NATURAL – TERRA – RUBY

Background information
In the development of our ergonomic meditation cushion following goals crystallized out in our tests:
1. by the shape and height of the cushion a seat as large as possible should occur, body weight should allocate as even as possible and individual pressure points should be avoided.
2. the seat should not be limited only to the area of the ischial tuberosity, but reach in a smooth transition to the thighs. Our experiences show that this also provides a good circulation in the legs. Even with prolonged sitting legs barely go dead.
3. The pelvis is supported stable in a slightly inclined forward position. This is a good basis for an upright posture of the spine.
4 Because each person has a slightly different anatomy and movement and feels a different seat height to be optimal, we wanted to make the cushion so that the filling quantity can be varied easily. So it can be dosed optimally for personal practice. For participants in groups cushions can easily be given at choice with different filling.
We call it ergonomic seat cushion because it aims to adjust the physical conditions and what is exercised or aspired as much as possible to each other. Actually ergonomics is a term borrowed from the world of work.

speltex® organic spelt husks with natural rubber are also available separately for refilling.

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