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Bath Towel Sets Waffle Half-Linen & Cotton – Green

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Bath Towel Sets Waffle Half-Linen & Cotton – Green

Price: €95.80

incl. VAT. plus. shipping costs

delivery time -  1-3 Workdays (foreign countries different)

The sale is made including the GTC as well as the cancellation policy of the seller.

Product description

Towel Set made from natural fibres | nahtur-design

Crafted from pure, highest quality half-linen and cotton these towels are super absorbent, comfortable, and quick to dry. On the beach or out of the shower and straight into the enveloping comfort of our oversized waffle linen bath sheet. The thirsty waffle weave pulls the water deeply into the towel almost without effort on your part. Large enough to drape over a sun lounger, elegant enough to wear as a sarong, these bath towel sets get better with age, softening with each use. And when you’re back home, they will look equally as good in your bathroom! The textured surface pleasantly massages the skin's surface and thus promotes blood circulation. True, simple luxury – what linen is made for.

The nahtur-design range comes in so many beautiful colourful choices, it's difficult to choose!

Sustainability with European Roots

Our linen bath towel are cut and crafted in Germany. The plant fibres come from certified organic farming in Europe and woven in Austria.

The towel set consists of:

  • Bath Sheet 105 cm x 150 cm / approx. 41" x 59"
  • Towel 45 cm x 90 cm / approx. 18" x 35"
  • Wash Glove 17 cm x 22 cm / approx. 6.70" x 8.70"


  • Material: 60% Linen/40% Cotton
  • Growing: Europe (certified organic)
  • Weaving and Finishing: Austria
  • Care: Linen towels should be soaked wet before washing. They can be washed at 40°- 60° C.

Linen Care Instructions

How to wash linen?

The dyed linen textiles can be washed up to 60°C in the washing machine. Wash linen on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold water is more ecological.

Use the gentle machine cycle and a mild organic detergent to protect the fibres and the environment.

Usually we recommend a temperature of 40 degrees on machine’s gentle cycle.

Please wash textiles inside out.

Since the linen fibre absorbs a lot of water, it is advisable to wet the textiles before washing and put them in the washing machine dripping wet. Or, if it is possible to select the water level in the washing machine, always use the maximum offered.

How to dry your linen clothes and textiles?

However, to be more environmentally-friendly and because linen dries so easily, always try to air dry your linen garment flat. For example, place your linen garment flat on a drying rack.

Generally, it’s okay to machine (tumble) dry your linen clothes or textile, as long as you stick to low temperatures and take it out when it is still a bit damp to lie flat. But it's more ecoconscious to air-dry because a tumble dryer spends energy and stresses the natural fibres.

Do I need to iron Linen Garment or Home Textiles?

There is no need to iron linen garments. But if you like to iron your linen clothes and textiles make sure the fabric is still damp before you start. Use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting. Just be sure you do it on the reverse side to avoid shining!


Mild detergent, for example "Sonett" are very gentle on the fibres and the colours used.

We recommend biodegradable detergents without bleach and without enzymes.


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Shop Information

nahtur-design stands for clothing, home textiles and bedding made in Germany in Schleswig Holstein

In our manufactory, we produce handcrafted high-quality products. We focus on the materials organic linen and loden made from pure merino wool obtained from species-appropriate husbandry.

Our fabrics are woven in Germany and Austria, our design, cutting and production is in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany.

The fabrics are predominantly organically grown or mulesing-free, very skin-friendly and breathable. Timeless fashion and high-quality materials are an expression of individuality and make our garments durable and sustainable.

Linen has always provided a very pleasant climate, it has the ability to cool in summer and warm in winter, the lively fabric surface provides a pleasant massage of the skin. Home textiles are particularly absorbent and dry very quickly.

The loden is water-repellent, breathable and warming. The napped surface makes water drip off and keeps the wind out. Excess heat is well conducted to the outside.

Our materials are low-noise and particularly well tolerated.

Shipping Information

Payment Methods:

Prepayment : Thank you for your order. Our shop at Greenpicks will send you an invoice by email for the bank transfer. As soon as we have received your payment, we will ship your order.

PayPal (Credit Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer): If you select this payment method, in the next step you will be redirected to PayPal . When the required data has been entered there, it automatically goes back to this shop at Greenpicks to complete the order.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping within Germany: free shipping
Shipping to EU countries: 15.00 Euro.
Shipping to the following countries 30.00 Euro: Norway, Switzerland

Costs of returning: 

The customer will bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

Delivery time: The delivery time refers to a receipt of payment (eg via PayPal) on the day of purchase and is based on the processing time indicated by the seller and the delivery time as instructed by the shipping service. In a later receipt of payment, the delivery date is postponed accordingly. The actual delivery time may in individual cases, especially at peak times such as Christmas and on public holidays, differ.

For deliveries abroad, the actual delivery time may differ from the stated delivery time, and be between 3 and 7 working days more than specified for each product.

Notification about possible additional taxes and costs: For deliveries to Switzerland or NON-EU-countries customs and import sales tax may apply and are payable to the customs authority by the customer upon receipt of the shipment. These charges are in addition to the purchase price and the shipping and can not be influenced by the provider.


This product meets the following sustainability criteria

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