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Boys (Size 104 - 188) at Greenpicks

Sustainable Boys’ Clothing – Eco Fashion Trends for Boys & Teens

Like father, like son. The father is usually considered the first male caregiver, and so the boys like to orientate towards him. In addition to behaviors and characteristics the clothing style of the father provides the first line for adolescent boys. Cool T-shirts with prints, long sleeve shirts and hoodies, casual pants and jeans and stylish jackets and sportswear are also for boys as for their fathers. And as it should be on Greenpicks, the marketplace for sustainable lifestyles: Also trendy boy's clothing is made from natural and sustainable materials.

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Cool Boy’s Fashion ethically made according to Organic Standards

The stylish, colourful boys’ clothes (size 104-188) are available for every season and every occasion. Whether for kindergarten, school, sports or leisure – together with your youngsters you can browse through the offers of current and ecological kids fashion and find together the perfect outfit. All items are made of materials tested for harmful substances according to valid eco-standards for textiles. The boys clothes (size 104-188) are as durable and functional as conventional clothes for boys and teenager. Casual and printed T-shirts for the summer, weatherproof clothing for autumn and warm clothing for the cold season can be found in different stores at Greenpicks.

Boy’s Clothing with "Inheritance Character"

The quality of children's clothing should always be non-toxic, cause children's skin is still very sensitive. The investment in organic quality is worth it if siblings or relatives can "inherit" the things. On second-hand markets durable children's clothing is very popular. A real win-win situation for both the seller and buyer, if T-shirts, pants and hoodie made from organic cotton change hands. In particular, the longevity of clothing for boys has a high priority in large families. Children grow quickly and they need many things. The longer shirt, shorts, jeans and shoes last, the more brothers benefit by fair and sustainable natural fashion. And when boys fashion as well is easy to clean, stubborn stains can be removed easily.

Nothing is lacking in organic kids fashion for boys. And if your boys outgrow, they will certainly make a strike at eco fashion for men.

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