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Climate friendly

climate-friendlyReduction of CO2 emissions during production and transport. Compensation of CO2 emissions by supporting environmental projects (e.g. afforestation).

Due to climate change and global warming, caused mainly by the increasing combustion of fossil fuels, it is one of the great challenges of our time, to reduce energy consumption and thus also to decrease the carbon footprint. By means of renewable energy and energy efficiency (see criterion "energy- and resource-efficient") greenhouse gases can be reduced. There are a variety of technical and economic opportunities to deal efficiently with energy and as a result achieve significant emissions reductions.

For us the criterion „climate-friendly“ is about two groups of themes:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions during production and transport through energy efficiency measures
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection and environmental projects

By consistent energy optimisation manufacturers can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Examples of climate-friendly production:

  • Organic farmers use less energy for food production than their conventional counterparts. Thus, they contribute to climate protection.
  • Recycled paper: In comparison to conventional paper only one third of the energy and one sixth of water consumption is needed for the production of recycled paper

Where the possibilities of energy optimisation end a useful compensation with sustainable effect can be made. There are a number of climate protection and environmental projects that are certified according to internationally recognized standards (e.g. by TÜV NORD). In support of these projects emission certificates are generated and sold. Examples of such projects are initiatives for reforestation of unused agricultural areas and for sustainable agriculture in developing and emerging countries.

The compensation of emissions is marked by the label " CO2 neutral", which is often found on shipping cartons. But also entire manufacturing processes can become climate neutral through appropriate compensation and show this with the same label.

Please note that the English version of the criterion “Climate-friendly” is only a translation of the German criterion “Climate-friendly”. The translation has been made to the best of the translator’s knowledge and belief. The German version of the criterion “Climate-friendly” always prevail shall in case of doubt.


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