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DurabilityQuality product manufactured with robust materials in high-end methods with a “character of inheritance”.

We added the criterion "Durability" because for us it represents an essential aspect of sustainability.

This is about products that are made of strong materials, thus withstand loads longer than average and are very long-lasting. The longer a product or an object is "alive" – that means lasts – the less you have to deal with the issue of recycling or disposal. And the fewer resources are consumed.

The criterion of "Durability" marks objects that stand for quality and against the throwaway trend and the fast pace of present times. It can be solid wood furniture, specifically constructed design objects or particularly robust equipped everyday objects.

Please note that the English version of the criterion “Durability” is only a translation of the German criterion “Durability”. The translation has been made to the best of the translator’s knowledge and belief. The German version of the criterion “Durability” always prevail shall in case of doubt.


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