speltex Eco Breastfeeding Pillow, optional with Seaweed, Wool, Spelt Husks or Millet Hulls

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speltex Eco Breastfeeding Pillow, optional with Seaweed, Wool, Spelt Husks or Millet Hulls

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Product description

Eco Breastfeeding Pillow, optional with Seaweed, Wool, Spelt Husks or Millet Hulls | speltex®

Prepare your child a cosy nest when you are feeding it. Designed for comfort the eco-friendly breastfeeding pillow by speltex® provides mom and baby support throughout. Even during pregnancy, it is suitable as a supporting pillow for the back. The breastfeeding pillow filled optional with seaweed, wool, spelt husks or millet hulls from certified organic farming is an ideal companion for a relaxed pregnancy and for the nursing period. Use the nursing pillow as a resting place for your baby where it can lean back and relax. Thanks to the cover made of certified organic cotton, the pillow is pleasantly skin-friendly. Speltex® organic breastfeeding pillows are also practical for pregnancy and gymnastics. Alternatively, the slim pillow can also be used as a side sleeper pillow.

The eco breastfeeding pillow by speltex® are available in different organic fillings:

  • Seaweed from wild harvesting with simple natural rubber impregnation
  • Wool beads (from species-appropriate husbandry)
  • Millet hulls with single natural rubber impregnation or without
  • Spelt husks with double natural rubber impregnation or without

Details at a glance

  • Size: 170x28 cm
  • Twill: Cover made of 100% cotton (supple, durable certified organic cotton twill (200g/m2); sanforized*, with concealed zips
  • Included: Additional refill bag for individual dosage.
  • speltex® organic millet shells, spelt husks with and without natural rubber as well as seaweed and wool beads are also available separately for refilling.
  • There are pillow slips made of certified organic cotton in various colours for the speltex breastfeeding pillow.
  • speltex® fillings are washable up to 60° C. Preferably use a special laundry net. This facilitates the drying of the fillings in the sun or in the dryer. In the first wash, cereal husks emit yellowish dyes that can leave edges on light cushion covers. However, these rinse easily in subsequent washings.
Filling Characteristics Size Amount of filling Spare
Seaweed with natural rubber Maximum of air permeability, handy and light weight; rustle when moving 170x28 cm 1300 g 100 g
Woolbeads With high need of heat. At high noise sensitivity. High sensitivity and pressure sensitivity. Handy and light weight 170x28 cm 800 g 100 g
Millet Hulls without Natural Rubber fine-grained, almost noiseless; High sensitivity and pressure sensitivity; supporting effect 170x28 cm 3100 g 250 g
Spelt Husks without Natural Rubber With high need of heat. Flexible adaptability, good supporting effect and maximum of air permeability; rustle when moving 170x28 cm 2500 g 250 g
Millet Hulls with Natural Rubber Increased durability and longevity. Fine-grained, almost noiseless; High sensitivity and pressure sensitivity; supporting effect 170x28 cm 3100 g 250 g
Spelt Husks with Natural Rubber More stability, longer life, high resistance to fine abrasion and even more supporting effect. With high need of heat. Flexible adaptability, good supporting effect and maximum of air permeability; rustle when moving 170x28 cm 2500 g 250 g

Filler loading
Rule of thumb: If the cushion has to be pushed together for a comfortable sleeping position, a higher degree of filling is advisable. Does it feel too tight on the other hand, some filling should be removed.

The wool beadsare from certified animal farming.

Seaweed provides a cosy comfortable feeling,maybe like only be provided from a wild grown, vegetable primitive material. It takes a surprisingly mild and pleasant pressure-relieving effect and has very good sleeping climatic characteristics (warm and airy). Due to the rubber impregnation the crimped structure of seaweed is stabilized. So the fillings remain particularly in a good shape. They get more bounce and air permeability. At the same time the required filling weight for pillow o mattress filling decreases.

For speltex® seaweed sorts of excellent quality are used. It comes from the Baltic Sea and is dried in the wind and sun. It is hand-picked, impregnated with natural rubber milk, dried and finally heated. Thus the seaweed is extremely durable, dust-free and ideally suited for alternating filling as a upholstery material. Related to the same filling volume seaweed with rubber weighs only slightly more than half of high-quality spelt filling.

Seaweed has been used for centuries for roofing and as a upholstery material. Lately it is used again for insulation. It has an extended durabilty, is resistant to mold and vermin and non-flammable.

Spelt Husks and millet hulls – natural with rubber
They are soaked in a bath of natural rubber latex. The sap of the rubber tree penetrates the hulls and shells, such as oil in solid wood furniture. This creates no sealing of surfaces. They remain porous and breathable. The moist grain shells are then dried and heated to about 80° C. Although the rubber content of the finished dry fillings barely makes up 4 %, it increases their durability and resilience tremendously. They are dust-free and very durable in use against fine abrasive. Therefore they particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.The fillings hold their shape better with rubber, which their supportive and relaxing effect benefits from. The natural rubber latex used was obtained on ecologically managed plantations in South India and bought according to the criteria of Fair Trade.

* Sanforizing is a special treatment of the fabric with steam and pressure. Because of this the fabrics are very soft and shrink. For later laundry they therefore only shrink up only minimal (about 1 - 2%).

Hint: This product is originally intended for sale into the German market. This explains why the labeling on product packages may be is in German only.

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