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Baby Food at Greenpicks

Organic Baby Foods

Breast milk is the most natural form of baby foods. For all mothers who can not or do not want to breast-feed organic baby foods are a sustainable alternative for the healthy and varied diet for your baby. Distinction is made between infant formula (about 1-6 months), follow-on formula (from about 4 months) and complementary foods (from about 5 months or later).

Baby Foods from certified organic farming

The variety of organic baby food ranges from baby formula over baby porridge and complementary foods to fruit bars and biscuits. Only ingredients from certified organic farming are used. Parents can already get their baby used from birth to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to feed your baby lactose-free or allergen-free? Or your baby is sensitive to baby food with cow's milk protein and milk sugar? Baby food made from goat's milk is a good alternative to conventional baby food. And, incidentally, also suitable for adults who suffer from cow's milk protein intolerance (CMPI).

Baby food in organic quality is tailored to the special needs of offsprings. Digestive-regulating baby food helps with constipation and bloating. Goat milk powder or grain porridge is often easier to digest than baby food based on cow's milk.

When the first teeth are there, the kids usually have a great desire to try their jaws. Many parents hand their children chopped soft fruit or snacks and biscuits made from organic grain. Baby biscuits are shaped so that they can be taken easily in the little hands and are easy to eat. Snacks and baby biscuits contain valuable ingredients in organic quality such as spelled, dried fruits, whole grains and honey, and are free from senseless and harmful additives.

Baby Supplies

Supplies for babies are needed from the first day. Baby accessories and supplies, such as bibs, feeding bottle teats and baby bottles are made from natural materials and free of harmful substances. Depending on the material baby supplies are recyclable and can be returned to the materials cycle for further processing. In addition, there are plates and dishes for children eg from Becothings, which is biodegradable when not longer used, because it is made from plant fibers. Just as the step stool and the environmentally friendly pot of plant fibers is transformed into humus, when buried, children's dishes and cutlery made of bioplastic is compostable and free of harmful plasticizers and without bisphenol A and B.

Discover organic food for your little gourmet to at Greenpicks and serve the meals child-oriented in eco-friendly and pollution-free dinnerware for children.