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Sustainable airtight cans and food storage containers

It can not be denied: airtight containers are practical. And sociable. For some manufacturers sell boxes, food containers and kitchen essentials at a "party". As a rule, they are all made of plastic, whose raw material is petroleum. A fossil resource, which origin slowly but surely becomes less. These storage containers are often polluted with pollutants such as the plasticiser bisphenol A (BPA). If it dissolves over time with the material, it can be absorbed through the food stored in the plastic cans.

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Eco-friendly meal prep containers for the non-toxic storage of food

The ecological storage containers offered by Greenpicks are different. In contrast to conventional plastic boxes, they are 100% non-toxic and free of chemical additives that are harmful to the environment and health. They are made without the harmful substances PVC and BPA. The cans are characterised by high functionality and sustainable processing quality. The long term durability reduces waste. Simply take the fresh food boxes for shopping or use as a lunch box. This saves the packing material at the fruit, meet and cheese counter and other disposable packaging. And thus conserves resources. The freezing cans and storage containers are food safe and can also be safely used for baby food. The non-toxic airtight containers are also suitable for toddlers and people with appropriate allergies.

Alternative storage containers made of glass, bioplastic and stainless steel

The alternative storage containers are either made of break-proof glass, which contains neither lead nor cadmium. The sealing lids are made of recyclable plastic. Or other storage boxes are made of special biomaterials. These are 100% based on renewable raw materials. The so-called bioplastics are obtained from meadows, cereal grains, corn fibers and other natural raw materials.

For tiffin boxes, biscuit boxes and lunchboxes often stainless steel is used. The silver-shining material is food-safe and recyclable. However, people with a nickel allergy should prefer to use glass bottles or food storage containers made of bioplastics.

Everything tight?

Anyone who transports noodle salad or marinated vegetables to the grill party in storage boxes has already had a huge mess in the basket or backpack. This is because not all airtight food containers are leak-proof. Depending on the nature of the food containers, manufacturers explicitly point out whether their cans are tight or not. For some do not use seals because they do not want to use silicone or rubber. And then they recommend the horizontal transport or the horizontal storage of the storage boxes.

Eco storage containers and freezing cans for the perfect overview

The fridge, pantry and freezer are perfectly organised with storage cans and freezer boxes. The practical boxes are stackable, so that existing space can be used more effectively. Thanks to the transparent material, you can quickly see what is in the container without removing the lid.

The ecological food storage containers provide an overview in the wardrobe, children's room, study, office, and cellar. They are ideal for the storage of clothes, shoes, kitchen accessories and household supplies, office accessories, toys and sewing utensils. The stacking boxes can be stored side by side or one above the other. This makes it possible to make the most of existing space.

Whether food, baby food, cooked food; odds and ends, socks or building blocks – at Greenpicks you will find a sustainable selection of storage containers, freezer boxes and storage boxes. Sausage and cheese are just as well stored as for a lunch-to-go in special transport containers. The lunch boxtiffin and other storage containers are available in many different designs, colours and sizes. There is always a suitable model that fits in a children's backpack, the shoulder bag or laptop bag. This way you and your children can do without disposable dishes and prepare your favorite food to take with you when you are on the go. By the way, matching refillable drinking bottles in eco-quality can also be found in our range.

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