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Plates and étagères: stylish and sustainable!

Table decorations such as plates and étagères are both stylish and practical. The crockery stages attractively meat, vegetables, gratin and dessert on every laid table. On sustainable materials such as porcelain, glass or wood, you can present your tasteful dishes on harmless serving plates. Because today hardly no one would like that a well-made meal comes in contact with contaminated materials.

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Serving plates without pollutants

In the eco-friendly kitchen, the quality of the food is respected. Cooked with ingredients from certified organic farming and vegetables from the region. Sustainable households also value the fact that cooking utensils and serving plates are made of pollution-free materials. Porcelain and glass are free of lead, cadmium and heavy metals. Wooden serving plates are made of wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. The wooden serving platters are only refined with natural oils. Moreover, porcelain, glass, cork and wooden serving plates of sustainable quality are easier to recycle since no pollutants need to be filtered out.

Serving dishes made of porcelain, glass, ceramics, cork and wood

Whether in the hobby or professional kitchen, as you know you eat with your eyes and you seduce your guests with delicacies, which are arranged on plates and étagères. Beautiful porcelain or glass serving plates are a real jewellery for the table. Whether buffet on a wedding, birthday or barbecue party, decorate your table simple and timelessly chic. Depending on your personal taste, choose between beautiful shapes and sizes. Round, oval, square and slightly curved models create the perfect base for every buffet and create an elegant ambience without any decor. Porcelain works fine. Wooden serving plates are often used for festivities with rustic-style flair.

The serving platter is also indispensable as a cake plate for the children's birthday or for the coffee table with friends and family. Vegan dishes from raw food salads, dips over cold cheese platters and a selection of cakes and pastries to baked vegetables and barbecue specialties appear appetizing and aesthetic on the serving plates.

Upcycling tip: Even remaining slates from the last house construction are excellent to present delicacies. The use is considered resource-saving because no new serving plates have to be bought. Give a second life to no longer used tiles and use them as serving plates. This makes your table unique.

Vitality and energy for food and drink

Energizing plates are something very special among the serving plates. A so-called energy plate improves the energetic basis of drinks and food. Energizing coasters for drinks and bottles provide more vitality and energy.

Étagères: the classic of the serving plates

Étagères present your homemade pralines and pastries in a variety of ways. There are actually no nicer dishes, to make small sweet and hearty delicacies as inviting as possible. Whether vitamin rich fruits for the healthy enjoyment or calorie-rich temptations for nibbling and pampering: in a stylish étagère all treats are equally twice as appetizing.

The multi-storey racks are also made of non-toxic materials. Étagères made from porcelain and glass in hotel quality are considered to be durable and recyclable. The simply kept multi-storeyed serving plates are a worthwhile purchase for many years. If plastic is used for étagères, the raw material comes from renewable resources, from which a so-called bioplastics is developed. This is generally recyclable or biodegradable. Please see here for the product description. The Greenpicks sustainability criteria also provide information about sustainable quality.

Sustainability in large portions

With serving plates and étagères from the online shops at Greenpicks you show hospitality with a large portion of sustainability and stylistic command. The most sustainable way to get good food in organic quality on the table awaits you online at Greenpicks.

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