Pet Supplies at Greenpicks

Organic Pet Supplies in harmony with nature

Do you often travel and want to bring your pet? – There are practical foldable small pet carrier made of recycled cardboard with handle, air holes and slits. And so your favourites are always with you.

Whether one-bedroom apartment or a flat in an old building – eco scratching posts and furniture for cats are suitable for any interior. Exclusively made from natural materials, often locally-made scratching posts are a perfect sleep and play area for cats and naturally suited to the daily claw sharpening. With organic scratching posts cats get a piece of nature and pet owners a unique organic furniture with perfect design. So everyone is happy: cat, wifey and pet owners. Even our four-legged friends are not immune to diseases. Malaise, bone fractures, joint pain, rheumatism catch pets as well as humans. Relief is afforded with a special dog pillow with cherry stone filling. And if you ever get caught – Greenpicks also has on offer pollution free couch cushions and pillows in organic quality.

Pet toys made of pollution-free materials

Who keeps a pet, is also responsible for its welfare. With that is not only meant a healthy and balanced diet, but also plenty of exercise and fresh air. Dogs and cats are often like children – they love to play and like to be challenged. With much joy the animal toy is sniffed and licked. And in this way the pets could receive contaminated materials. Who wants that? Balls, ropes, rings, chew toy, cuddly toys and swimming toys as well as toys for children are available from natural, pollution-free materials such as sisal, wood, bioplastics and organic cotton, just to name a few. Also pet supplies arising in the process of upcycling, is becoming increasingly popular with animal lovers. And if a trip in nature has left traces at mistress, master, dog and cat, we recommend organic care products for dogs, cats and humans.

Pet accessories made of natural materials

Pet accessories made from natural materials and recyclable materials are produced energy and resources friendly; often regionally or in Europe. This keeps the transport distances short to manageable and secures jobs in the region.

If you like it stylish for yourself and your pet, you might perhaps put emphasize on stylish tableware for humans, dogs and cats. Also for this wish there is a luxurious offer – luxury dog and cat bowls and cups made of porcelain. The entire production and supply chain of dog and cat bowls is sustainable in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. The bowls for dog and cat are a durable alternative to plastic bowls based on crude oil.

You love your pets and want to be in harmony with the environment? – Then opt for organic pet products, eco-friendly pet toys and eco pet supplies – the most natural thing for your pets and the environment.