Others about us in the press

Others about us in the pressOf course, we would appreciate a mention of greenpicks.de and our sustainable products in the media. If you would like to write an article about Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market, about one of our vendors, on sustainable products, upcycling or green lifestyle and need image material, please just contact us.

You can reach us here: presse[@]greenpicks.de

Contact: Annette Husmann


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2018/9 natürlich Reisen (natural travelling) 2018/9 natürlich Reisen (natural travelling) The Journal by Funke Mediengruppe: Sustainable products for travelling


2018/7 Mediaplanet Verlag www.sozialeverantwortung.info 2018/7 Mediaplanet publisher www.sozialeverantwortung.info/ – In the area of environmental protection, Annette Husmann, owner of Greenpicks, talks about sustainability. A win-win situation for people and the environment: "With sufficiency to a higher quality of life." [Sorry, only in German language available.]

» Paper edition

» Online edition

2018/7 Lizzy Net about upcycling companies and initiatives 2018/7 Lizzy Net about upcycling companies and initiatives: Annette Husmann conducts an online marketplace that also offers upcycled products. In an interview, she tells LizzyNet how the idea was born and how sustainable products can be sold. [sorry, only available in German language]



2017/4 vegan magazin 2017/4 vegan magazin - Fundstücke (findings): Sprout coloured pencil



2016/6 Green Lifestyle - Magazin for a sutainable life style (German): Green Lifestyle 2016/06 - Magazin for a sutainable life style (German): S. 6 STIL bewusst - notebooks Stone Notes



2016/3 Startup Valley.news SPOTLIGHT 2016/3 Startup Valley.news SPOTLIGHT: First place for Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Markt at Startup of the Year Readers Award 2015/2016. » go to report [sorry, only available in German language]


2016/5Changemakers Business Magazine »Magazine MN« 2016/5 Changemakers Business Magazine »Magazine MN« about »Meet Greenpicks, a Marketplace for Sustainable Consumer Products« [»Magazine MN« is an US-American online magazine for purpose-driven changemakers – innovative companies, entrepreneurs, creative people, leaders, startups, business professionals. »Magazine MN« reports about Businesses that push the boundaries of traditional thinking, embrace sustainability and take steps to bring the greatest benefits to society are changemakers.]



Der Spatz about 2016/1 Der Spatz about "Upcycling" P. 24/25: New Market for old Things (Neuer Markt für alte Dinge)

(independent Consumer-Magazin for Bavaria)


PfUeTzEnHuEpFeR`s BuNtRuF from March 13, 2016

16. März 2016 PfUeTzEnHuEpFeR`s BuNtRuF – Paper.li: Gosspis around vintage – diy – chalk paint by www.pfuetzenhuepfer.at

Greenpicks in departments Leisure and Environment


#NoChemicals News#NoChemicalsNews 13. January 2016 (The hottest news in the sustainability world, all in one place.)

Sector Leisure (Freizeit): Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co - Greenpicks

Herzstück 1/20162016/1 Herzstück – Inspirations for Body & Soul

P. 109 Bags "made to measure" (Upcycling)


der Spatz 5/20152015/5 Der Spatz Christmas Market: 24 meaningful gift ideas

(independent Consumer-Magazin for Bavaria)

der Spatz 4/20152015/4 Der Spatz about plastic

(independent Consumer-Magazin for Bavaria)


(independent magazine for consumers for Bavaria)


Veggie Journal 1/20152015-06 10 LOHAS BLOG published by Det Mueller (German Blog)

Veggie Journal 1/20152015-01 February-March Veggie Journal, page 10


Wohnfreude Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG2015/1 Wohnfreude Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG (Online)

(Online Magazin of the German Bank: Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG)

Veggie Journal 5/20142014-10/11 Veggie Journal, page 94

der Spatz 4/20142014/4 Der Spatz about recycling products

(independent magazine for consumers for Bavaria)


Schrot und Korn 10/2014 Online2014-10 Schrot und Korn Online:

Column "Lust auf ... Küche" [desire for ... kitchen]


Schrot und Korn 10/20142014-10 Schrot und Korn

[Magazin for natural food]


Magazin Deerberg Livet Sommer 20142014-05 Magazin Deerberg Livet Sommer 2014, page 9

BioBoom Frühling 20142014-03-31 Bioboom Spring 2014, pagee 23:

Design-Trend Upcycling: new life for old things


FORUM – Nachhaltig Wirtschaften2014-01-02 Column "Gut einkaufen" [well shopping]

in FORUM - Nachhaltig Wirtschaften [sustainable economy]


greenest magazine

2013-03-15 greenest magazine:

Stylisch und nachhaltig durch Upcycling [Interview]

[Stylish and sustainable with upcycling]

Radio-Interview (WDR5)2013-07-19 Radio Interwiew (WDR5)

to the topic Upcycling with Annette Husmann