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Recycling/UpcyclingRecycling instead of throwing away. Use of reclaimed materials (Recycling) resp. application of objects used for new products (Upcycling).

The criterion of "recycling/upcycling" is particularly important to us. Through the application of used materials – be it recycling or upcycling – the volume of waste is reduced, resources are saved, the value of raw materials is preserved and product life cycle are extended. By recycling and upcycling a marker is put down against the throw-away society.


Recycling means that products are collected, sorted and separated into their components. Useful materials are reclaimed. This results in raw materials which can be used for the manufacture of other products. The volume of waste is reduced and the lifetime of raw materials is extended.

Recycling is indicated by different symbols. Be it the recycling symbol, the Green Dot, the can recycling logo or a crisscrossed wastebin.


Upcycling means that used objects and garbage resp. waste are transformed into new products and thus reused. Unlike in recycling or down-cycling objects are not separated into their original components, but used as they are. With this they undergo a qualitative improvement. The energy input necessary for re-/downcycling is not required. That is why the principle of upcycling also contributes to climate protection. Therefore upcycling is the greener way of recycling.

By recycling and upcycling resources are brought in again into the value chain. For a new generation of products less new raw materials are needed. This saves resources and reduces energy consumption.

Please note that the English version of the criterion “recycling/upcycling” is only a translation of the German criterion “recycling/upcycling”. The translation has been made to the best of the translator’s knowledge and belief. The German version of the criterion “recycling/upcycling” always prevail shall in case of doubt.


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