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MOVEO. VIA 40.XX shelving system made from upcycled pallets

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MOVEO. VIA 40.XX shelving system made from upcycled pallets

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Product description

MOVEO. // The upcycled shelving system – VIA 40.XX

Room divider, bookcase, as a hanging or standing shelf ... moveo.s. the 40.xx series create room for the big things. Through the use of disposable one-way pallets and bicycle inner tube a stable shelf is formed that can be combined and expanded with moveo.s. of the other sizes 20.xx and 30.xx.

Storage space and sustainable design encounter each other. Whether papers, big books or the entire stereo equipment – the upcycling shelves offer plenty of storage space. Whether individually or combined with several – the tall moveo.s look good and storage a lot.

The moveo. is not only suitable for mounting on the wall, it can also be used as a side table next to the sofa, bedside locker, stool or as a base for lamps or vases. Everything has its place and is perfectly staged.

FUNCTIONAL // Choose from 5 different sizes from the MOVEO. VIA 40.XX range and overall from 13 different sizes that meet every requirement: Books or stereo in the living room, tea and spices in the kitchen or files and records in the office. Everything gets its place …

MOVEO VIA 40.20 External dimensions: 40 H x 20 W x 35 D cmInternal dimensions: 36 H x 16 W x 35 D cm (+/- 5 mm)

MOVEO VIA 40.30 External dimensions: 40 x 30 x 35 (H x B x T in cm)Internal dimensions: 36 x 26 x 35 (H x W x D in cm, +-5mm)

MOVEO VIA 40.40 External dimensions: 40 x 40 x 35 (H x W x D in cm)Internal dimensions: 36 x 36 x 35 (H x W x D in cm, +/-5 mm)

MOVEO VIA 40.50 External dimensions: 40 H x 50 W x 35 D cmInternal dimensions: 36 H x 46 W x 35 D cm (+/-5 mm)

MOVEO VIA 40.60 External dimensions: 40 x 60 x 35 (H x W x D in cm)Internal dimensions: 36 x 56 x 35 (H x W x D in cm, +/-5 mm)

Materials: one-way pallet, bicycle inner tube, metal waste untreated

PRACTICAL // moveo. Comes home in components and can be assembled without tools. Simply put battens on the angles, bicycle inner tube around and go! Just as easy several modules can be combined!

WALL-HUNG / / Each moveo. comes standard with holes in two of the four angles. Thus, the modules can also be conveniently hung on the wall. Therefore you need only two L-hooks and dowels. The matching set you will find in our shop. Measure, drill holes, fix hooks with dowles in the wall and hang up your moveo. Finished!

DESIGN // moveo. Does not only look good. Because of the past life of the individual components, each shelf module has also experienced its own history and tells of its own personal experiences. Just a furniture with character.

SUSTAINABILITY // All moveo.s are handmade in social workshops and consist of directly recycled materials. Reuse (upcycling) extends the life cycle of materials and saves the environment.

PERSONAL INSTEAD OF ANONYMOUS // Due to the handcrafted workmanship each component is processed individually. Each module is then signed with a fingerprint.

CHARACTER // Normally furniture do only listen. They are the silent companion in everyday life. But with moveo. It’s different. Each module has experienced its own personal story and tells of the experiences of days gone by …

Hint: This product is originally intended for sale into the German market. This explains why the labeling on product packages may be is in German only.

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Upcycling at its best. If design furniture arises from used materials, then it is a reditum. Consequently thought outside of the box and with a sense of real added value! Made by hand in social workshops with loving attention to detail. All furniture by reditum are made directly from recycled materials and have already seen a lot. So each piece is unique with personality and character that tells its very own story ...

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