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Sustainable Women‘s Bracelets

Natural, authentic, feminine: Handmade jewellery creations for the arm and the wrist at Greenpicks score with natural and/or recycled materials. Unique jewellery designs underline the individual personality. But beyond that, much more: sustainable bracelets and arm chains appeal especially to ladies and young women who also dress and adorn themselves in harmony with nature and the environment.

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Which arm jewellery suits eco-conscious women best?

In addition to personal taste and clothing style, the skin type determines which type of bracelet looks best, i.e. one that makes eco-fashionistas feel simply beautiful and comfortable. A bracelet made of light natural materials as well as rose gold, yellow or red gold looks stunning with a dark complexion.

Bright appliqués such as delicately shimmering pearls combined with lava rock and olive wood set great accents for a fair skin type.

Outstandingly are Bracelets in the BEEJIKA style, which uses the 'pearls of nature' as design elements. For natural jewellery dried seeds, seedpods and semi-precious stones are combined. The contrasts between appliqué and base material pick up on and continue the contrast of fair skin or dark complexion and dark hair.

Environmentally friendly jewellery production

When choosing materials for the favourite bracelet, it is important that they are produced in a sustainable manner. Fair trade criteria play a particularly important role for precious metals. This means that gold, silver and others are extracted under fair conditions and humane working conditions. But more and more jewellery designers are turning to recycled gold, silver, platinum and other recycled materials. Because they can be used to create just as unique and enchanting bracelets for women as new raw materials – an environmentally friendly way of jewellery making.

It doesn't always have to be gold or silver, does it? Eco leather, pearls, wood, fabric, stainless steel and brass can also look impressive. If you're looking for understatement, you'll prefer a discreet design and high-quality materials for a sustainable bracelet – it's not about being ostentatiously with a status symbol. The bracelet should rather underline your own personality and show eco-fair quality.

Fair Trade Seal for feminine bracelet jewellery

Handmade bracelets from overseas are often marked with the Fair Trade seal. This ensures that the materials such as gold are fair traded. Unfortunately, fair trade certifications do not exist for all precious metals, yet.

In addition to the best possible working conditions for gold miners and manufacturers of jewellery, which often include small manufactories run by women, Fair Trade jewellery ensures more than a living wage. Moreover, the use of chemicals in the processing of raw materials is reduced as much as possible. In order to counteract exploitative working conditions and child labour in gemstone extraction, organisations such as the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. initiative, founded in 2009, work to promote fair trade in the minerals and gemstone trade.

With this, European commercial consumers of eco-friendly jewellery and natural jewellery place special emphasis on equality, environmental awareness and sustainability. The result is jewellery according to the motto #buysustainablykeepitforever.

Womens' bracelet without harmful or irritating substances

To ensure that a bracelet does not cause allergies on the skin, the clasp is nickel-free and chrome-free. Dyed bracelets use vegetable dyes and mineral oil-free colours.

Bracelet collections made in Europe score not only for their short transport routes, but also for their resource-friendly handling of materials. Here, too, the Fair Trade seal regulates the transparency of the supply sources of the raw materials.

There are many different types of bracelets that reflect the diversity of arm jewellery. Charm bracelet, Figaro bracelet, fitness bracelet, lucky charm bracelet, tennis bracelet, bohemian bracelet and ethical bangles, just to name a few from the arm jewellery repertoire. The bracelet becomes particularly unique when it is provided with a personal engraving. This makes the arm jewellery an individual gift that a woman cannot resist.

Eco-friendly Bracelets & Bangles for women

Greenpicks does not only offer affordable luxury for the forearm and wrist such as bracelets, bangles and arm chains, but also other eco-friendly women's jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and jewellery sets. From the bracelet to the packaging, the sustainable arm jewellery shines with an exclusive look and surface feel. Did you already know? – A masculine bracelet as an expressive contrast also brings feminine facets to the fore.

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