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The people behind the marketplace


Annette HusmannAnnette Husmann fulfilled a long cherished dream with the founding of Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling-Market (formerly “Eco- and Upcycling-Market”). Thus, for the lateral entrant her heart's concern about bio / eco / sustainability became her professional mainstay.

In implementing she benefits from many years of professional experience in a classical career in marketing and project management and a degree in business administration (similar to MBA). She created her professional basis through internships and training in the field of organic/natural products. Since years she has been dealing with sustainability issues. Her fascination and enthusiasm for creative ideas in the field of upcycling knows no borders ever since.

From March 2015 to August 2017 she studied successfully Strategic Sustainability Management as a participant of the master program of the University for Sustainable Development of Eberswalde, Germany.

„I want to get something “good“ going and thus make a small contribution towards a better world. A fair and honest co-operation is a particular concern to me in this context."




Iris Streit

Iris Streit is a photographer and brings years of experience as a project manager for online media. At Greenpicks she takes care of all matters relating to marketing, graphic design and photography. She takes care of our social media pages and is the fairy godmother in the background.








Our own business: Sustainability at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market

At Greenpicks sustainability is in every single detail – with conviction.

  • Our website is hosted “green” with 100% waterpower (green electricity).
  • We receive our electricity from “NaturStrom”. We keep our power consumption as low as possible, for example through the use of switchable power strips and energy-saving illuminants.
  • For our flyers, business cards etc. we use recycled paper and petroleum-free natural colours. They are printed in a "green" printing company.
  • We use as little paper as possible. And if so, then we only use recycled paper.
  • Our business account we keep with the EthikBank.
  • To move forward we use public transport, bicycle, train and as little as possible the car.
  • We are committed to the economical use of consumable goods and put emphasis on mindful consumption.
  • We focus on long-lasting quality products.
  • Also in private we take great pleasure in ecologically produced products, e.g. foodstuff, natural cosmetics, natural textiles, household and drugstore products.

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