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Glass bowls and coasters – non-toxic quality

Glass bowls and coasters are more than just beautiful home accessories. They are both decorative and functional at the same time. A glass bowl is versatile. Cereals or nibbles can be served in the glass jars as well as salad, beetroot, tiramisu and a lunch menu.

Glass dishes and glass bowls can be used to serve dishes stylishly and practically. Glass bowls are available in many shapes and sizes and are therefore suitable for sweet or hearty delicacies, muesli, fruit, side dishes and nibbles.

Glass bowls with lids are universal storage containers. Trail mix not eaten up – no problem: cover it and simply continue to nibble the next evening. The bowls with glass lid are also suitable for freezing and thawing in the microwave or oven.

Practical and decorative is the glass baking dish and serving dish in various sizes. You can bake, cook and serve – from the oven directly on the table – with the preparation and serving dish.

In addition to the practical properties of "dishwasher-safe", "heat-resistant" and "microwaveable", the non-toxic quality is also decisive.

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Glass bowls and coasters in ecological quality

By nature glass consists of natural raw materials such as quartz sand, lime, potash and soda. No further chemical or toxic additives are required. Glass dishes, coasters and glass bowls in a non-toxic quality do not contain any lead and cadmium. Especially for allergy sufferers, it is important that the bowls of glass have a smooth, pore-free surface, so that undesired microparticles cannot be held on it. Therefore, these glass bowls are certified by the European Allergy Center (ECARF) and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Depending on the decor, glass bowls foreground the content. Anyone who relies on durability chooses glass bowls in a simple design. They can be combined perfectly with any kitchenware. The content, such as fruits, candles or fragrant petals, provides for variety.

A sustainable live style is characterized by clean lines, high-quality, harmless materials and subtle decor. But also flat and high glass bowls with curved lines according to the "golden ratio" and the flower of life are particularly good in this environment. You can serve a sweet dessert as well as delicious dips and tapas.

Protective household items – Glass Coasters

Coasters are among the most important household items. They protect sensitive surfaces of tables, sideboards, desks and the fine tablecloth from dirt, moisture, discoloration, scratches and heat damage. Whether water glass, wine glass or cup – glass coasters are very good to put drinks on it. A candle works decoratively on a glass coaster, which at the same time catches the dripping wax. Moreover, they are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

Coasters of glass like glass bowls on Greenpicks are made of non-toxic glass, meaning free of cadmium and lead. Hot pans and pots can be placed directly on the table on heat-resistant versions. With a focus on recycling, glass coasters made of recycled glass are also available in this category. Because glass has the advantage that it can always be recycled. And with a lower expenditure of energy than the production of new glass.

Vitalizing coasters for liquids and foodstuffs

For a sustainable life style glass coasters are a good solution. Glass, as a classic material, is inconspicuous and yet integrates harmoniously and elegantly to existing dishes and glassware. Anyone who wants to enhance liquids or even solid foods biologically, uses an energy plate with the Flower of Life and designed according to the Golden Ratio.

Let yourself be inspired by your home decor when choosing bowls, dishes and glass coasters. Greenpicks supplies you with glass bowls and coasters in ecological quality, beyond fast changing trends.

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