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Women’s Gloves in Organic Quality

Nowadays women’s gloves in organic quality are available in all shapes, lengths and materials. Therefore organic cotton, organic leather and organic wool from controlled biological livestock (certified organic) is processed. Especially in the winter woolen gloves are well-regarded from women for their warming. The organic animal farming includes an animal husbandry that is optimally adapted to the climate and living conditions of the region, free movement for the animals, biologically flawless feeding and the renunciation of mast auxiliary means, as well as stress-free transport of the animals. One of the best and highest quality wools is delivered by the Merino sheep. It does not smell, does not scratch, cools when it's warm, warms when it's cold.

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If leather gloves, then please only eco-friendly leather!

On the one hand the practical accessory protects hands from cold and wetness and on the other hand thereby ennobles the outfit. If you buy leather gloves, you should note that these are made of eco-friendly leather, because that is considered as particularly environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.

Leather tanned with chrome endangers nature, the environment, and the consumer. The toxic danger pollutes the waters and harms the health of the manufacturing people. And often conventionally produced leather gloves cause contact allergies. And whichever woman likes this?

Whereas eco leather is tanned naturally without pollutants. For vegetable tanned, natural leather renewable raw materials are used, such as Tara, Valonea or Pieplant. A tanning agent for leather is made also from wastes of the olive oil production and simple of olive leaves.

Women’s gloves made of organic leather particularly fit well with a chic pantsuit. Stylish leather gloves give a feminine costume the perfect look. Also, a woman’s suit becomes an elegant outfit and you can spontaneously respond to the invitation to the theater.

For every occasion the matching gloves

Whether summer or winter, evening wear or sports – women’s gloves and wristlets count among the main fashionable companions Thus, the amount remains of needed gloves is overseeable and you do not need to reserve an entire drawer only for the “Finger Dresses”, it's worth to worry about beforehand to what occasions you need a special type of gloves. If necessary, you can choose between finger gloves, mittens or mitts of different organic materials.

Besides the fashionable and functional aspects environmentally conscious women watch out for organic quality of her gloves. It is always recommendable, only to buy gloves that are made from organic cotton, organic leather or ethically correct wool. Eco-firendly gloves and wrist warmers at Greenpicks are often slightly more expensive than conventional women’s gloves. But the conscious purchasing ensures that a strict control of origin merino wool guarantees mulesing-free sheep farming. And that organic cotton is free from contaminants and harvested with fair wages and not by child labor.

Fitness Gloves made of Recycling Yarn

Sports gloves are intended to prevent possible injury. And provide a better grip when cycling, rock climbing, strength training and mountaineering. Fitness gloves improve the grip of hands on equipment, which is particularly important in weight training. Training gloves with organic terrycloth suck particularly well sweat and are depending on the application at certain points extra padded. Depending on the functionality women gloves are made with recycled materials. The recovered PET bottles recycled yarn is breathable and therefore well suited for sports gloves.

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