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Real men wear undershirts in organic quality

Earlier, the undershirt belonged to Grandpa's stuff crate, today it shows the good taste of men in the underwear style guide. Real guys wear organic undershirts. Stylish, practical and skin-friendly in organic quality, the undershirt offers high wearing comfort. The men's undershirt is available in many different styles and cuts: As a fine rib or double rib undershirt, as a short-sleeved T-shirt, as a tank top, and muscle shirt. The undershirt fashion has developed enormously and offers thanks to this variety the right outfit for every man. Thus, the men's underwear does not only fulfill various functions, but is allowed in the men's fashion and welcomed outerwear for men.

Organic men's undershirts for skin-friendly wearing comfort

Just because underwear is worn directly on the skin, organic cotton is the most popular material; closely followed by bamboo and hemp. The natural fibres combine a pleasant wearing comfort with good climate properties.

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In the fine rib fabric the undershirts have a smooth surface, are elastic and leave a soft feeling on the skin. Especially the optically visible ribbed structure of the double rib is even more elastic and allows optimal circulation of moisture. Both types of fabric are breathable and have the advantage that they return to their original shape after washing.

In winter undershirts made of organic new wool, organic merino wool with silk are indispensable. These natural materials store especially your own body heat and are moisture regulating. Those who do not live vegan can confidently resort to wool from certified species-appropriate husbandry. According to organic farming guidelines, animal welfare in harmony with nature is guaranteed. Interventions on the animal, such as tail docking or mulesing, are prohibited. With fabrics that wick away and feel dry even when you sweat, functional undershirts are indispensable for indoor and outdoor sports.

Regardless of the material, in the interests of your skin and the environment, underwear is ecologically correct, if certified with organic seals such as for natural fibres (cotton, hemp, bamboo) certified organic farming, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), IVN BEST - Naturtextil and "Confidence in Textiles" according to Ökotex Standard 100. They fulfill minimum requirements up to the highest standards of sustainability and fairness. The raw materials as well as the processing are checked for toxins and pollutants. In addition, undershirts certified with Fairtrade ensure that people involved in manufacturing are fair paid and that social standards are adhered to in the country of production.

Men's short-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts to put underneath and to slip on

The classic function of an undershirt is to warm the back and kidneys and absorb perspiration, especially in summer. Because a sweaty T-shirt is not only unaesthetic but also unpleasant on the skin. Long since they are part of the casual style in men's fashion. As muscle shirt or tank top they are worn in summer temperatures as casual clothing or for sports. The classic undershirt protects the outerwear and is ideal to wear under a sweater, under a T-shirt or polo shirt. The sleeveless undershirt fits snugly on the body and has a deep neckline, so in the neckline of a buttoned shirt it remains invisible and still fulfills its function.

Similar to a T-shirt are men's undershirts with short sleeves. And men's long sleeved undershirts are similar to a longsleeve T-Shirt. In contrast to outerwear, this men's underwear is finely woven in classic fine or double rib. Unobtrusive, they adapt to the overlying outfit. A short-sleeved men's undershirt absorbs sweat and reduces sweat strains on the outerwear. Short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts to put underneath are available with neck-around or slightly deeper round neck as well as V-necklines. The hugging fit ensures pleasant warmth and wearing comfort. Especially in winter men prefer undershirts with short or long sleeves that warm the upper body worn under a thin fabric of a shirt.

Also women have discovered the versatility of undershirts. It is not unusual to pair tank tops and undershirts with denim jeans or worn above bikini briefs in the free time. And for jogging and yoga, men's and women's undershirts are simply beautiful and practical.

Sustainable quality, classic and modern design – versatile men's T-shirts and undershirts

Regardless whether you prefer a tank top, a short-sleeved undershirt or a classic men's undershirt, the quality is consistently excellent thanks to continuously tested and ecologically certified textile standards. The precise workmanship under fair conditions and the use of high-quality organic fibres contribute to the perfect fit and high durability of the men's T-shirts and undershirts. The undershirt is essential under the business shirt, but also as a warming layer in winter. The classic colours like white, grey and black make the underwear underneath the outerwear invisible. In addition to the muted colours black and white in men's undershirts, colour also comes into play when it comes to men's underwear: Fashionable colours and patterns complete the sustainable undershirts range for men. Matching men's underpants such as pants and briefs or boxer shorts for men complete each undershirt and make the underwear duo a perfect underwear combination. As you usually need more than one undershirt, Greenpicks also offers undershirts in a practical 2-pack or in a 5-pack for a bargain price.

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