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Comfortable, all-natural panties and briefs

Invisible, they hide under skirts, dresses, and pants – the women's panties. And especially because the underwear has immediate body contact, women want to feel with them as well as in their own skin. Nowadays, the classic briefs do not only have to be practical, but must fulfill many functions. High wearing comfort and skin-friendl materials combine with panties for women with a classic or sporty, elegant or seductive cut. Depending on the model, the lingerie protects against cold and absorbs moisture. Discover selected items of organic quality in the Greenpicks category panties and briefs. From classic underpants for women to knickers and hipster briefs to lace thongs, the underwear range offers the brief panties that suits you, for every figure, every style and taste, for every preference and every occasion.

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Women's underpants made from natural fibres

Particularly popular are panties and briefs in the cotton blend of organic cotton and stretch. The organic cotton comes from certified organic farming and is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other pollutants. This makes this natural fibre particularly skin-friendly.

Seals such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST certify that no hazardous substances are used in cultivation, manufacturing and further processing. Women’s underwear, which is awarded the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, is harmless to health and has been tested for harmful substances. The ecological criteria ensure that neither humans nor nature suffer any damage at all stages of production. Other natural fibres, such as hemp or bamboo are processed into sexy ladies’ underpants.

Due to their positive characteristics, panties and briefs made of organic cotton rank first. Cotton feels pleasant to the skin and absorbs a lot of moisture. It can also be washed at high temperatures, so it is particularly hygienic. Particularly sensitive skin or allergy sufferers appreciate the benefits of natural fibres. Natural fibers absorb moisture better than synthetic fibers, resulting in a more pleasant climate on the skin and reducing the risk of allergies.

For every figure and every style of clothing the matching panties

The classic women’s panties can be found today in terms such as panty, hipster, hip-hugger, panties, boxer briefs, boxers, boxer shorts and thong. These differ in the shape and cut. While panties cover almost all the buttocks, the classic panties partially envelop the bottom. And the thong leaves a lot of skin uncovered and is therefore felt to be particularly sexy. These styles allow every woman to find the right panties for her individual style of clothing and to match the figure.

Classics are panties, which cover almost the entire butt and are cut relatively high at the legs bands. Even hipster briefs are still among the classic briefs. The higher-cut hip-hugger with a moderate leg bands, the upper waistband goes to the belly button; ideal for tight dresses and for hiding small padding. The hipster brief fits a little lower and only reaches to the hips. Worn under a hipster trouser, they make all the moves as well as boxer briefs, hipsters or hot pants. Panties have a straight leg and wider side cuffs than a panty and have a slightly higher cuff than hipster briefs. Soft, supple organic cotton and flat seams make the casual briefs a comfortable companion in everyday life. While lace-trimmed women's underwear can appeal from elegant to sexy, boxer shorts, boxer briefs and boyshorts panties create a sporty look and are often worn during athletic activities. Even sporty briefs are on the winner’s podium when it comes to women’s underpants. The high cut provides plenty of freedom of movement; and this is as necessary in athletics as it is in jogging or yoga.

Anyone who likes to be covered extensively and is looking for underpants with tightening and supportive effects does not necessarily have to resort to shapewear. Because here often elastic materials of synthetic fibres help to the desired shape. Although this may flatter the figure at first sight, it unfortunately also damages the environment and nature during the production and subsequent disposal.

Matching panties, briefs and hipsters for the optimal body feeling

Almost no lingerie – apart from the bra – is more individually tailored to the female shape than underpants for women. Each panty has a different cut and thus fulfills other functions. Whether it's white, black, red, blue, green, striped or patterned underwear, women can choose from Greenpicks' beautiful colour palette. Just choose the underwear in your favourite colour or combine a pack of 2 panties or 5 hipster in your favourite colours at a bargain. And even the sizes leave nothing to be desired. In the sizes XS to XL to XXXL many panties and briefs are available. When choosing the underwear it is important that it is not too tight, fits well and meets your ecological requirements.

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