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In times of climate change and environmental pollution, cosmetics place high demands on skin and nature. Face creams, body lotion and makeup should not harm people or nature and, with natural ingredients, should care for the largest organ of our body – the skin. Those who rely on organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics and vegan cosmetics equally care for their skin and support sustainability. And that free from animal testing, genetic engineering, and microplastics.

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Quality seals for organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics and vegan cosmetics

If you are looking for cosmetics without harmful substances, you can either study the INCI list or rely on proven test seals for natural cosmetics. Reliable guidance provide the NATRUE seal, the label ICADA for organic and natural cosmetics and the BDIH certification mark for certified natural cosmetics and natural ingredients from certified organic farming, from Demeter cultivation and from wild harvesting.

ECOCERT certifies natural and organic cosmetics, which must be clearly declared. In average, Ecocert certified products contain 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Cosmetics products of that kind do not contain ingredients from dead animals and must not be tested in animal testing. Genetically modified substances are also prohibited. While vegan cosmetics must not contain any animal ingredients, natural cosmetics can contain ingredients such as milk, honey, propolis spissum, cochineal, carmine, chitin, chitosan and shellac, which are produced by animals. The tedious reading of the small-printed INCI list is no longer necessary for consumers if the organic and natural cosmetics carry the Peta approved vegan seal or the vegan flower. Vegan cosmetics, which carry the seal "rabbit with the protective hand", are produced holistically according to the strict guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association. The internationally valid seal with the currently strictest criteria for vegan cosmetics is the Leaping Bunny logo from the Cruelty Free International & CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics); known in Europe under the name Humane Cosmetics Standard.

The high art of natural cosmetics has tradition and history

Synthetic dyes, chemical fragrances and preservatives as well as silicones and PEG are superfluous for personal care and make-up. Nature has all the ingredients for the skin. These include essential rose oil, apricot oil, calendula oil, black cumin oil, mango butter, castor oil and shea butter. Organic orange, organic seabuckthorn, organic lime, organic verbena and organic sage refresh, nourish and protect the skin.

Already in ancient Egypt, great importance was attached to cleanliness and an aesthetic appearance. At that time, fresh donkey milk made the skin velvety soft. Today also commercial cow's milk or whey powder will do. The milk balances the pH-value of the skin. Then as now, honey, sea salt, aloe vera, rose water and almond oil were used for beauty care. The natural ingredients provide the skin with minerals and vitamins and have a refreshing, revitalizing and smoothing effect. So there has always been no need to enrich cosmetics and personal care products with chemicals and synthetic substances!

Natural cosmetics focus on people and nature

Natural cosmetics rely on natural, mostly vegetable raw materials from certified organic farming as far as possible and from wild harvesting. Many manufacturers of organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics also hold an opinion that genuine natural cosmetics must not contain any ingredients that are derived from genetically modified organisms.

In addition to the organic quality of the raw materials, social criteria for purchase of raw materials also play a role. Child labour must be excluded when it comes to material extraction, which often takes place in Asia. Raw material suppliers work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to improve the living conditions of people in the mining area. Since animal testing is impossible with vegan natural cosmetics, organic makeup products are tested for skin tolerance with volunteers. Their statements are in the focus in order to meet the needs of customers for sophisticated and nourishing natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics protect consumers from petroleum products. It is tailored to the special needs of the skin and takes into account the various climatic influences in the world.

Certified natural cosmetics use the power of plants

Greenpicks presents organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics and vegan cosmetics in an exclusive brand shop design with extensive information. Let yourself be convinced by the sustainable ambience and the extensive range of different green lifestyle brands. You can reach the cosmetics brand shops via the general brand shop selection box, which is located on the left below the categories, or by entering the respective brand name in the search field, which you can find on the top of every page.

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