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Sustainable & cool – Boys‘ Sweaters & Hoodies

Popular with athletes, rappers and skater fashion, nowadays sweaters and hoodies for boys are trendy basics. The casual tops appear in diverse models: as a hoodie, sweatshirt, fleece jacket and sweat jacket. And because it just looks hip, a lot of boys wear a baseball cap or beanie.

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Ethically correct clothes for boys

For a comfortable fit the sweater and hoodies are made of certfied organic cotton. This is grown without toxic pesticides. Also in further processing, e.g. in the dyeing and finishing, no pollutants are used that harm the skin and the environment. The latter is also important for washing, because with every process of washing of conventional sweatshirts and hoodies, pollutants are released into the environment via wastewater. In particular, hoodies with the GOTS seal are manufactured to the highest ecological standards in the textile industry. This means that neither the environment, animals nor humans are polluted during production. The organically produced natural fibres ensure that the boys can safely wear a product free of harmful substances on their bare skin. The international association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) with the NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST is also a member of the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The Green Button (in German Gruener Knopf) and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® meet slightly lower environmental standards. However, these eco labels also guarantee a minimum level of environmental protection and mark environmentally friendly clothing.

In terms of style, design and variety of colours, organic hoodies and boys sweaters are in no way inferior to conventional outer garments. Rather – they are ecologically correct and hip basics of young outerwear.

If hoodies and sweaters are also labeled with the Faitrade seal, then boys are still on the ethically correct wave. Farmers receive adequate payment for organic cotton obtained from fair trade, which is above the national average of the producing country. This enables families to live better lives, which often includes better schooling and health care.

From sporty to casual chic – versatility of hoodies and sweatshirts for boys

For many boys, clothes have to be stylish and functional. A date with the girlfriend is coming – that's why many teenagers prefer to wear sweat jackets, under which an organic T-shirt with a meaningful print appears. The onion look is also helpful for short-term temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the zip, the hooded sweat jacket can be quickly dressed an undressed. In addition, the hood protects against wind and light rain. The pockets on the front hold the most important utensils of teenagers: smartphones and headphones.
After sports, sweaters and hoodies protect against rapid cooling and muscle tension. And because a cold is stupid, most boys voluntarily pull the hood over the hair wet from the shower. Because the next football training is only fun without a cough and runny nose.

For an attractive look the hoods are lined with a matching fabric. The design can be simple in plain colours or with cheeky prints. Contrasting zippers, cords, buttons and the contrasting front pocket and hood ease the hoodie. Combined with organic jeans, the cool look is very trendy.

Styling tip for boys: sweat pants, joggers or cargo pants combined with a sweatshirt or hoodie go well with a sporty look. With a pair of shorts, it becomes a casual beach outfit in a breath. If you want it to be a bit more chic, chinos are a good choice. Ultimately, the boys' individual taste decides which sweaters and hoodies they choose from Greenpicks. Definitely the organic quality and comfort will convince them.

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