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Mobiles at Greenpicks

A baby mobile creates visual incentives

Already in the first weeks after birth the young earthlings discover their environment. They use their five senses to taste, touch, smell, see and hear. The visual sense is poorly developed in newborns. At first, the baby only sees in black and white and grey shades. When it is between six and eight weeks old, it can move its head and eyes towards an interesting object. At this time, the first mobile is used. A few contrasting elements in simple forms hang on a few threads that move in the slightest breeze over the cot. Interested, the baby follows the movements with the eyes and strengthens the eye muscles. As it grows older, its eyesight improves. When they are about one month old, babies can already see yellow, orange, red and green. Purple and blue will come later. Now a baby mobile in bold colours creates new incentives.

Mobile made of natural materials for a pleasant indoor climate

Especially because the room air in the nursery should not be contaminated by pollutants, baby toys should be made of natural materials and be tested for pollutants.

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Mobiles made of wood, fabric such as organic cotton and recycled plastic can be applied to parents with the aid of eco seals such as PEFC, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) for sustainable forestry and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or OEKO-TEX® standard for cotton. The classic wooden mobile as well as wafting colourful toys, equipped with figures is dyed with saliva-resistant non-toxic colours. Even though babies are not yet able to reach the dancing objects, the natural materials contribute to a pleasant indoor climate and do not unnecessarily annoy the little ones' sense of smell.

Visual and acoustic training for babies

About the fifth month of life, the baby can see in three dimensions. A mobile is a valuable learning tool. Figures, stars, clouds, birds, sheep, railroad and other hanging elements that hover over the baby bed and baby’s changing table, do not only provide entertainment but train the three-dimensional vision and invite to grab. The baby stretches for the colourful objects, playfully strengthening different muscle groups and practicing hand to eye coordination. Combined with a musical clock, a mobile has a calming effect on the baby with lullabies and natural sounds, and at the same time promotes a sense of hearing. Attached near the baby bed, the music-making mobile can be used effectively as a sleeping aid. However, all elements on the mobile should remain unreachable, so that the little ones do not tear them off and swallow them or strangle themselves with the threads.

Mobiles for girls and boys

Although bunnies and flowers are traditionally associated with girls and cars and planes with boys, mobiles at Greenpicks are designed as a gender-neutral baby toy. Parents should feel encouraged to present the variety of mobiles to their baby without directing it in a predefined direction.

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