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Natural hair care for every type and texture of hair

Hairs are a natural headdress in any culture. Hairstyling is an expression of personality. Hairstyles are used as a sign of rebellion and as a sign of religious affiliation. Some are followers of a certain scene or music genre, identify with punk, gothic or rap and take a stand by their hairstyle. Depending on the culture, the hairstyle has a significant symbolism. From the bald head to dreadlocks to the mane, they refer to ethnicity, social situation, civil status, age group, caste, class and mythology.

But no matter what the motivation is behind each hairstyle, hair care is an inherent part of daily body care. So that this is not at the expense of hair, scalp and nature, natural hair care products are gentle on hair, scalp and the environment.

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Zero waste hair care products

Recyclable packaging, even better not packed care products are a necessity in today's world. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics choose plastic bottles made from recyclate or recyclable glass bottles for their hair care products. The smallest outer packaging has organic hair bars. Following the zero waste principle, informative package inserts are printed on eco paper and attached directly to the soap with a cotton thread or a bast cord.

Individual hair care with active ingredients from nature

For optimal hair care, it is crucial how the hair is conditioned. Short hairstyle need less time for care than long hair. Is the hair thin and frizzy, fine and quick greasy or thick and stubborn? Is the scalp prone to scaling? Is the hair damaged by frequent dyeing or water sports? Even strong sunlight and high temperatures can make hair brittle and dry. It is therefore important to precisely determine your individual type of hair in order to attune the perfect hair care.

Natural cosmetics certified hair care, vegan shampoos and organic hair bars

It's not just the packaging that provides information about environmentally friendly hair care products. Organic seals such as the BDIH certification mark for certified natural cosmetics, the NATRUE seal, ECOCERT and the ICADA for organic and natural cosmetics also test hair care products for their natural components and their skin tolerance. Hair wash & Co. cope with vegans if the care products are labeled with the vegan flower or with the Peta approved vegan seal. Then they contain no animal ingredients and are free from animal testing. Anyone who produces according to the strict guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association can receive the seal "rabbit with the protective hand". The strictest guidelines for vegan cosmetics are met by the internationally valid Leaping Bunny logo from the Cruelty Free International & CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics); known in Europe under the name Humane Cosmetics Standard. In addition, natural cosmetics basically exclude substances from genetically modified organisms. Without chemical and artificial additives, without silicones, sugar or coconut surfactants, the natural shampoos protect the hair, the sewage and nature.

Alkaline hair care

Sweat and hair dyes can create an overacidified climate on the scalp. Hair care products based on petroleum are also absorbed by the skin and hinder the metabolism. In view of the fact that the human scalp is an important excretory organ for acids, alkaline hair shampoos can help to counteract overacidification. Alkaline shampoos in organic quality use natural ingredients that come from certified organic farming to compensate hyperacidity, for example:

  • alkaline oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, hop oil, lavender oil, neem oil, castor oil,
  • alkaline plants and fruits such as aloe vera, birch leaves, verbena, chamomile, mallow, tangerine,
  • Cereal extracts such as spelt, millet, wheat,
  • Minerals like potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Particularly sensitive scalps or people with allergies benefit from the natural ingredients. The alkaline hair care, organic shampoos and hair bars provide mild and gentle care without additionally irritating the scalp with chemicals. They soothe an itchy scalp and inhibit scaling.

Sustainable hair styling products for the perfect look

The daily styling emphasises the hairstyle, but it can damage the superb head of hair as well as the environment. Here, protection is particularly important to prevent spliss and pollution of the environment. Sustainable hair styling products such as hairspray, hair wax, hair mousse and styling gel also do without silicone and chemicals. This does not only prevent ecological damage and defaced hair styles, it also nourishes the hair intensively thanks to the natural ingredients.

Natural hair care from the scalp to the hair tips

Natural hair care products ensure a healthy, powerful look and give shine and smoothness. Organic shampoos are mild and gentle on the hair and scalp. The caring ingredients are plant-based. Natural shampoos, organic shampoo bars and deep (hair) conditioner care from the scalp to the hair tips.

Whether for dry or oily hair, for long hair or short hairstyles, for fine hair, for damaged hair or for hair prone to split ends – at Greenpicks you will find natural shampoos that are geared to the requirements of your hair. By the way, plastic-free hair combs and natural hair brushes also support a healthy-looking, well-groomed hair growth.

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