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How can the entrance area be designed sustainably?

For many people, the hallway is an important part of the home that is used as storage space. To ensure that the entrance area does not look like a junk room, it makes sense to have a practical layout that takes aesthetic aspects into account. The entrance is the flagship of a flat or house and welcomes us every day. According to the motto "less is more", the design of this important space should definitely remain functional. A principle that supports sustainability and avoids chaos and disorder.

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The hallway is often treated stepmotherly and furnished with furniture and accessories from the discounter. Unfortunately, these furnishings often emit unpleasant odours that can result from environmentally harmful paints, adhesives and formaldehyde. These pollutants spread through the air in the room and can be harmful to health. If you want to furnish your hall and corridor in a sustainable way, you have the choice between used and new furniture made of ecologically certified types of wood, finished with solvent-free paints, high-quality oils and water-based, non-toxic paints.

Long-lasting furniture solutions for the hallway

Keys, smartphone, rucksack or handbag, shoes and jacket, as well as dog leads – all this should be within easy reach before leaving the house. And likewise when coming home can be put away uncomplicatedly.

Tasteful yet functional hallway and wardrobe furniture keeps the entrance area tidy and emphasises a cosy atmosphere. Jackets, coats, shoes and winter accessories disappear in closed cupboards and chests of drawers. Everyday items can be stored well in the top drawers of sideboards. This way, keys, wallet and mobile phone are quickly at hand. But also in a decorative olive wood bowl placed on the chest of drawers or on an open shelf, these everyday items are always within reach.

Environmentally friendly and ecological materials with a long service life are at the forefront of the low-waste lifestyle. FSC-certified hallway furniture made of domestic, European woods from certified forestry is a good choice. These include maple, ash, beech and oak.

Upcycled furniture instead of buying new

In addition, recycling, upcycling and appreciating instead of buying new are classic sustainability criteria. With a little skill, paint and your own DIY ideas, used wooden furniture can be given a new look.

Upcycled shelves made from used disposable pallets have an airy effect in a tubular hallway. Available in different sizes, the shelving elements can be adapted to any room situation according to the modular principle. Whether as individual design accents, stylish sideboards or shelving units – upcycling shelving offers tailor-made storage space for all requirements. Coat rails made of wood and stainless steel as well as wall hooks also leave the floor free. This creates a tidy entrance area.

Sustainable home accessories for corridor and hallway

Accessories are the icing on the cake of any living space design. Practical accessories are: lamps, mirrors, umbrella stand, key rack, doormats, utensil boxes as well as decorative items of all kinds such as pictures, vases, bowls. If you are looking for good design, you also demand sustainability for these accessories. This is the only way to create a harmonious ensemble in the hallway. Whether minimalist, classic or naturally inspired – sustainable home accessories for the hallway always score with ecological materials. Designed for a long service life, high-quality hallway furniture is durable to meet daily requirements.

A functionally furnished hallway looks inviting and cosy with multiple light sources and harmoniously coordinated home accessories. A mirror opens up the space in a small hallway. Whereas, in a large entrance area, a clothes cabinet made of solid wood and a bench look very good and provide additional storage space. The homely seat is also a comfortable aid for putting on and taking off shoes.

Warderobe hooks for hanging up jackets and coats are not only practical, but also look like a small work of art when grouped together or arranged freely. Instead of mounting coat rails at eye level, hang them lower. That simply looks more homely. And there is enough space for framed pictures that give the entrance area a personal touch.

One of the innovative materials is bamboo, a rapidly renewable raw material. The advantages: Bamboo is hard, but at the same time light and flexible. Thus, hallway furniture and home accessories made of bamboo have a particularly long service life. The same applies to indigenous, local or continental woods, which also cut a fine figure when processed into wardrobe furniture and hallway decorations. (Almost) All types of wood are sustainable, although their ecological footprint varies depending on how they are transported.

A warm and welcoming entrance for sustainable quality of living with personal character

A functional and attractive design in the hallway usually succeeds with clever, individual solutions. The living ideas for corridors and hallways at Greenpicks enchant with sustainable accents. Enjoy pure cosiness in the hallway with Eco Design. Or, inspired by the recycling trend, set the scene in the entrance area. With stylish eco living accessories, the green lifestyle already awakens in the reception room. The green statement hallway (also called eco hallway) does without environmentally harmful furnishings and may be all the more sustainable.

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