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Every human is unique. We all differ in size, weight, appearance and style. And we all have different sleeping habits. Therefore, it is worth spending enough time to find a mattress that will give you the perfect sleep you want, night after night. For a restful nighttime peace it usually takes: a bed frame, a slatted frame and mattresses and mattress topper in organic quality. Special pads protect the mattress from the top, from the bottom or from all sides.

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Natural mattresses proven for harmful substances

All-natural mattresses offered by Greenpicks consist consiquently of pure eco natural fibres and are tested for harmful substances. All mattresses, mattress supports, mattress cover and bedding are bearing the quality seal of the association environmentally friendly latex mattresses e.V. (QUL). The certificate distinguishes the environmentally compatible production and/or materials proven for toxic ingredients for mattresses. Thus, the end user has the guarantee that he does not get any harmful substances with an organic mattress in the bedroom.

Ecologically correct mattress types

The innerspring mattress is popular and inexpensive. The core of spiral springs is surrounded by a cushioning layer and an outer cover in organic quality. It directs moisture to the outside and ensures a good sleeping climate. Moreover, it is lightweight and robust. In comparison, more high-quality is the pocket spring mattress, because here the spiral springs are packed in pockets each. This increases the point elasticity because each spring can react individually to pressure (weight). As with the latex mattresses, the pocketed spring mattress is divided into differently hard zones, which significantly improves the lying comfort and the ergonomics.

Latex mattresses are especially natural. In organic quality, these are made from pure and fair trade natural rubber and are covered with upholstery fabric such as organic cotton, lyocell (plant fibre) or organic wool. Toxic and unnatural admixtures are not included. A mattress with a high proportion of natural rubber is initially more expensive to purchase, but in addition to excellent lying properties also ensures a long shelf life of up to 10 years. Latex is soft and cuddly, adapts optimally to the contours and has an excellent point elasticity without letting the body sink too deep. Ecologically correct and relaxing you also sleep on latex mattresses where the core consists of coconut fibres and hemp mats. The material combination is antistatic and very breathable.

The cover of natural mattresses is usually removable, which is beneficial for families with children and allergy sufferers. The mattress cover can be washed or cleaned in the machine while observing the relevant washing instructions.

On natural mattresses, which are filled with organic millet or organic spelt and rubber, it is as relaxing as on soft sand. Due to the fine-grained structure of millet and spelt, a high degree of flexibility is obtained. The degree of hardness can be determined individually by refilling or removing the grain shells. The individual lying zones can also be filled differently – for example more soft in the pelvic and shoulder zones, and more firmly for the lumbar vertebra. The cover is made of supple ticking made of organic cotton.

All types of mattresses are also available as children's mattresses and mattresses for teenagers. In order to prevent future damage, ecological and orthopedic correct lying is important even at a young age. Natural youth mattresses are made of materials tested on harmful substances and equipped with removable covers. Partially, they are made by hand.

Sleeping like being on a cloud

Decisive in choosing the right organic mattress are the two criteria of hardness grade and body weight. Neither a sleeper wants to sink too deeply during sleep, nor sleep like on a board. Ecological children's mattresses are specially adapted to the needs of children and adolescents. In the product description, you will find information about the degree of hardening of each mattress and for what type of sleep it is suitable for. Hardness grades are differentiated between "soft", "medium" and "hard". The following indications can be helpful as a rough rule of thumb for classificating the degrees of hardening.

  • H1: up to 65 kg
  • H2: up to 80 kg 
  • H3: up to 100 kg 
  • H4: up to 120 kg
  • H5: up to 160 kg

Sleep zones for optimal comfort

Most natural mattresses have 3, 5, 7 or 9 sleep zones. The different sleep zones are varyingly hard. They differ essentially in their supporting properties, as well as in different elasticity and damping. Since each person is built differently, care must be taken that the body lies well adapted to the areas of natural mattresses. Test your eco mattress for 100 days, whether shoulders, lumbar and pelvic area are optimally bedded. The shoulder and also the pelvis should sink into the mattress so that the spine comes into a straight position while lying down.

Natural mattresses for all kind of sleeping positions

Side sleepers are well advised with a latex mattress. Hip and shoulder sink into the pad while the waist is supported at the same time. The high-quality organic mattresses are flexible allowing perfect body anatomy whilst sleeping. Several sleep zones offer a high degree of point elasticity in the latex mattress as well as in the pocket spring mattress.

People, sleeping on the back need a mattress that supports well. As a rule, these requirements are met by all natural mattresses. Another advantage is that all organic mattresses are free from harmful substances.

For a good climate in the bedroom.Stomach sleepers need a natural mattress, which is hard enough in the middle area to support the body and the back does not form a hollow cross. Then, stomach sleepers are spared from pain in the morning, which can assume a cramped back.

Protecting the mattresses increases their life span

Most mattresses are equipped with a removable and washable cover. However, a mattress cover made of organic cotton, linen or organic wool is more practical. It protects the surface against stains and abrasion and increases the service life. In a household with children, people who suffer from incontinence or sweat breaks or for allergic persons, a mattress protector is a useful utensil. In addition, it provides a comfortable sleeping climate by having a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in the winter.

A mattress protector extends the life of your mattress. A protector is placed between the mattress and the slatted frame, thus protecting the mattress against rubbing or dents. Mattress protectors made of organic cotton have a protective and temperature-balancing function. Molton is particularly absorbent. Protecting pads made of organic wool and flannel are providing more warmth.

One of the most important measures for house dust allergy is encasing. In this case, the mattress is covered with a protective sleeve which keeps away the annoying pests. Mattress pads and organic cotton protectors provide natural protection against mites and reduce allergy symptoms during sleep.

The higher, the more comfortable

The right combination of mattress type, sleep zones, mattress height and natural materials and the physical constitution are crucial for a spine-oriented position in bed. As a rule, the higher, the more comfortable. Most mattresses are at least 11 cm high. Often the mattress height can be selected between 12 cm and 20 cm. Older people or people with disabilities prefer a high seat height of their beds. High mattresses do not only increase sleep and lying comfort, but also facilitate getting in and out of the bed.

If the kind of sleep changes over the years, the mattress must not be disposed of immediately. A mattress topper can be used to improve the comfort of the mattress and to optimize the quality of sleep. The toppers are made of natural materials in biological quality. Depending on what type of lying should be achieved, toppers from natural rubber, viscose foam, finest pure new wool from certified organic livestock, goose down and horse hair give luxury in bed.

The interplay of slatted bed frame and mattress

The mattress is perfect when the slatted bed frame is matched to the mattress. Even the best organic mattress will hardly provide a comfortable sleep on an old slatted frame, which sags in the middle, and may even provoke back pain. A suspension with a small space from less than 4 cm between the slats or at least 28 slats is considered as an optimal mattress basis. Orthopedic and ergonomic are slatted frames with curved, slightly prestressed slats, which can adapt to any position. Organic slatted frames are made from materials tested for non-toxic content. The surface treatment is based on water-soluble acrylic resin base without harmful solvents. Some slatted bed frames even dispense with any surface treatment; others are completely metal free.

Sleeping is elementary

Sleeping and eating are some of the most elementary aspects in life. A good meal and a restful sleep can be like a holiday. Fresh and relaxed, you start into the next day and master the challenges of everyday life. For which natural mattress you ultimately decide – you get a pure natural product at Greenpicks.

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