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Cats are great survival artists. Whether in Germany, elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East, America, Brazil or Australia – cats can be found in every ecosystem. As a solitary animal, they feel just as comfortable on a farm as in a flat or in a tiny house. However, when people live with a cat, they also take some responsibility for their well-being, health and nutrition. In the assortment eco cat supplies animal owners find everything for the cat. Whether organic cat food, cat toys, beds and furniture, care and wellness products for cats – the Greenpicks cat shop has a sustainable range of cat supplies and accessories for every breed and age group.

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Organic cat food, nutritional supplements and treats for a balanced diet

As with humans, diet in cats also has a significant impact on their health. A balanced food prevents diseases. Some people swear by dry food, others by wet food or feed the cat vegan or with fresh meat (BARF). As a predator it is able to digest protein- and fat-rich foods. In order not to provide velvet paws with low-quality food, organic cat food is ideal. It contains ingredients from certified organic farming and certified species-appropriate husbandry. In addition, it does not contain any artificial dyes or preservatives and artificial additives and flavour enhancers. Even animal testings are taboo. Organic cat food contains all elemental nutrients and provides a varied diet for any cat and kitten. How much food a cat needs depends on the breed, the height and the age. Especially large cats such as the Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Siberian cat or Norwegian forest cat have a higher energy requirement. So it makes sense to adjust the size of the bowl on the cat breed and its feeding behavior. The optimal cat bowl is flat, has a low rim and is round or oval. Also, a species-appropriate feeder is made of stainless steel, glass, ceramics or porcelain. These sustainable materials have a smooth, non-porous surface, so that no food residues and bacteria can accumulate in the pores. In addition, such an ecological cat food bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher and recycled at the end of a long cat life.

Scratching post, cat furniture & sleeping places for cats in ecological quality

Sated cats like to retreat to a digestive nap. The rest of the day they spend dozing at their favourite places. Suitable sleeping places are for example: scratching posts, cat beds and hammocks. The cat house, cat cave, cat baskets, cat pillows, blankets, as well as cat lounger are also cosy places that satisfy the different needs of resting cats. No matter which sleeping place the cat prefers, make sure that the material for the cat furniture is sustainable. Wood, organic cotton, fibres from hemp, sisal and bamboo are renewable raw materials and are recyclable if homogeneously processed. Ecological quality in cats beds can be recognized by eco seals, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for wood or OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for pollutant-tested materials. Scratcher, such as a cat tree, a scratching board, a scratching bin protect your own furniture and serve the welfare of the cats. Because the scratching is part of the social behaviour of the house cat, be it to sharpen the claws or to relieve its boredom. But a sleeping place for cats or a cat tree is not just cat furniture, the one or the other designer piece sets unique accents in the apartment.

Active and interactive eco-friendly cat toys

As predators, cats actually need movement in the wild. However, if they are kept in the apartment, the hunting instinct cannot run free. Then cat toys act as a substitute and entertain the cats. Basically, it depends very much on the character of the cat, which occupation it appreciates. Some cats like to chase wireless remote mice, pom pom balls and natural wicker ball cat toys afterwards. Others fish for objects that cling to the tried and tested teaser interactive cat toy. Or they crawl through the cat tunnel and spend hours with crackling cat toy with catnip. Exhausted from frolic around, some cats retire to their sleeping place with toys containing valerian. Organic cat toys and intelligence toys should demand the velvet paws on the one hand physically and mentally, on the other hand be free of pollutants. At best, natural and recycled materials are used for cat toys. Tested for toxic substances, ecological cat toys do not cause harm to pets, the environment or humans.

Cats with a particularly strong compulsion to move should be able to riot outdoors every day. Cat owners can carry them on a very long leash so that the small predators have sufficient run in busy or unfamiliar areas. Cat collar and leads in various lengths and strengths or a harness are very helpful in outdoors and available in organic quality in the cat shop at Greenpicks.

Organic care products for hygiene and therapy of cats

Health, hygiene and safety are of great importance to cat owners. Basically, cats are very clean animals. Living in the wild, they bury their digestion, which is solved in a flat or in the house with a litter box and cat litter. In the course of a cat's life, pets may also need human support for ear care, dental care, grooming, skin and eye care. Be it because they become senior cats or because vermin, parasites and diseases make life difficult. Collars, ointments and drops are ideal for controlling biological pest control. Sanitary products for the cat in the form of brushes for grooming, ear cleaners, eye drops, deodorant, spray for the paws support cat owners in the care and therapy of the cat and guard against diseases and prevent high costs at the vet.

As it is typical for "green" cat supplies, sanitary products for cats meet ecological and biological standards. Natural ingredients and recyclable materials are the basis for cat care products. This allows cat owners to be sure that neither their beloved pets nor themselves and the environment are exposed to pollutants.

Out and about with the cat

Cats love their home and their surroundings. But sometimes it is inevitable to take the loyal pet with you when you are out and about. Whether the cat needs to see the vet or a longer trip is pending – optimal safety provide cat transport boxes and belts. Cushions and blankets support the comfort, so that cats can feel a little more homely during travel and transport. If you're on the way more eco-conscious by bike or on foot, you can use a bicycle basket, a cat backpack or a carrier for the safe and comfortable transportation of cats. If the eco-friendly owner travels with his cat, he attaches importance to both safe transport and the ecological nature of the transport boxes.

Green products for cats

While the cat probably does not care whether its care products, cat food and cat supplies meet sustainable criteria, cat owners do not only take responsibility for their velvet paws, but also for nature and environmental protection. That's why Greenpicks offers green products for cats made under fair conditions from organic raw materials. Eco cat supplies uses natural and recyclable materials, is ecologically harmless, tested for harmful substances and takes ethical considerations into account.

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