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Organic Candles and sustainable Candle Holders

Candles are light sources without using power that emit a warm light at certain points and convey comfort. Its dim light irradiates cosiness, which is atmospheric at a garden party both in the dark season and in summer. Combined with a eco-friendly candle holder and candlestick from fair and sustainable production, it becomes really cosy for people and nature.

Candles also have a measurable ecological footprint, which is particularly bad if they are made from fossil raw materials such as petroleum. If the candles are made of stearin, special attention should be paid to whether the palm oil comes from sustainably managed plantations; et al recognizable by the FSC seal. Stay away from non-certified stearin candles, because here it is reasonable to assume that huge areas of tropical rainforest will be destroyed for the extraction of palm oil. Comfort at the expense of the green lung is a no-go!

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Candles made of recycled wax & biomass

So-called organic candles are an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to candles based on petroleum or palm oil. The recycled candle wax is a biomass that is made exclusively from fats and oils from renewable raw materials that are leftovers in the food industry. Candles and tea lights made of biomass burn off odourless and give off a cosy blaze like conventional candles.

From the tealight to taper candles to pillar candles and candles in unusual shapes – all variants offer individual scope of design and produce different effects depending on the colour and shape. In combination with other accessories such as with a hollowed out branch, a tree pit, fir branches or a porcelain plate, each candle gets a new appearance that can be adapted to the respective occasion and interior.

Natural wax candles made from ecological raw materials

The versatility of the candle shapes is also reflected in the ecological raw materials used. Other alternatives to petroleum-based paraffin are beeswax, soy wax, coconut oil and rapeseed. These natural raw materials are energy and resource efficient and number among renewable energies because the raw materials can grow again and again. Due to the overexploitation of natural resources and the exploitation of people, however, make sure there are appropriate organic seals and fair trade seals for natural waxes.

Since many hard-working bees have to work for beeswax candles, this raw material is very valuable. Beeswax candles have a long burning time and exude a pleasant fragrance. In addition to animal wax, especially beeswax and wool wax, there are vegetable waxes. Candles made from rape wax and soy wax are suitable for vegans. Enriched with essential oils e.g. Citronella candles are a good mosquito repellent. Organic candles with special fragrances keep the little pests away and are also a nice decoration on the patio table.

Soy wax is made from soybean oil and rape wax is made from rapeseed oil. Soy wax candles and rape wax candles are particularly impressive thanks to their nontoxic burning and environmentally friendly production. The shorter the transport routes for the raw materials to the candle production facility and ultimately to the end user, the more climate-neutral the result of the natural wax candles.

In addition to sustainable production, natural waxes also require that the raw materials are free of genetic engineering and pesticides. These raw materials are very popular with environmentally conscious people because of their low-pollutant composition.

Sustainable home accessories – decorative candle holders

Taken by itself organic candles are an ecological enlightenment and decorative appearance. Candle holders from environmentally friendly production and candlesticks made from natural materials make them sustainable living accessories. Functionally speaking, a candle holder holds one or more candles and at best protects the storage surface such as the table or sideboard. While thin stick candles look rather elegant in a candlestick, pillar candles develop a classic, modern or rustic impression depending on the holder. Forms and materials determine the style.

Sustainable candle sticks for any furnishings

Candle holders made of porcelain and stainless steel go well with wooden furniture as well as with modern or minimalist home furnishings. Heavy and expanding models are eye catchers in a large, simply furnished room. So that the candelabrum is effective, other decorative objects should only be used sparingly. That could be a simple vase that adds a splash of colour with a colorful flower bouquet. A wooden or porcelain fruit bowl filled with regional fruit not only has a decorative effect, but also invites you to grab. The rustic country house style harmonises with ceramic candle holders. If you don't want to buy these new, you can find many samples at the flea market and in the second-hand shop. Timeless are candle holders made of glass. They go well with upcycling furniture and modern furniture. Candle holders made of finely sanded olive wood create a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom. Even tea light holders can still be placed on the edge of the bathtub and on the windowsill.

Upcycled or modern: wall candle holders and candle holders made from sustainable materials

Candle holders that are attached to the wall also have a particularly decorative effect. Models that get a new life as candlesticks and wall candle holders from existing materials are very popular. In upcycling, for example, old pipes, cans, bottles, residual wood and scrap metal are used and spiced up with used materials from the household and from the workshop. None candle stick and wall candle holder are the same. In addition, candlesticks and candle holders for the wall, which are made of sustainable materials, also score with durability.

DIY tip: With a little skill and the appropriate tools, an untreated branch can be turned into a holder for tea lights and pillar candles. With a few decorative objects from nature (acorns, fir branches, flowers, blossoms etc.) and homemade candles, the do-it-yourself candle holder can be adapted to any season.

Organic candles and candlesticks from environmentally friendly production and at fair prices

For the hallway, the living room, for the balcony or terrace or for the wall: If you want to beautify your home with natural wax candles and candlesticks that are free of harmful substances, Greenpicks offers a large selection of organic candles and candle holders from environmentally friendly production and at fair prices. The natural light sources made from health-friendly raw materials create a good mood for people and nature.

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