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Eco-friendly Personalised Gifts at Greenpicks

Eco-friendly Personalised Gifts

Engraved eco gifts – just because, in between or for a special occasion – are always an expression of very special appreciation. Personalised with a beautiful saying, an engraved name or a date with special meaning, practical everyday objects become small mementos coming from the heart.

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Refining robust materials

An engraving is made »for eternity«. This long-lasting character is supported by sustainable materials such as wood, glass, stainless steel, slate, bioplastics and textiles. These materials can be printed, branded, laser engraved or embroidered in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, engraving looks particularly good on everyday items that people like to use. This gives eco-friendly engraved gifts a special appreciation. They skilfully combine usefullness with emotions by personalising an everyday object such as a cooking spoon, lunch box, chopping board or key ring and thus flattering daily. Engraved gifts on sustainable materials score ecological points thanks to their recyclability.

Sustainable gifts with Engraved Name

A gift with a name delights children, women and men. A sustainable gift engraved or printed with the name of the recipient is practical and charming. Personalisation makes the gift distinctive, which is especially helpful for children in kindergarten and school. This way, the kids can quickly find their eco-friendly lunch box and drinking bottle with their own name. And an engraving on a water bottle or coffee mug lasts much longer than a sticker or inscription with a permanent marker. By the way, washing engraved items by hand increases the durability of both the engraving and the everyday item.

Personalised Gifts with Prints and Engravings for Favourite Persons

Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, but also Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day are occasions when personalised gifts mean personal attention. It shows that the gift-giving person has thought about what will bring joy to the person receiving the gift. Although there are gifts that appeal more to women or men, the boundaries of gender-specific gifts are fluid.

Personalised engraved jewellery flatters both women and men. A bracelet with a personal dedication or a wooden pendant with the recipient's name will make eyes light up. A personalised gift for a favourite person is often a practical item that can be decorated with an engraving, e.g. a cooking spoon set with engraving for amateur chefs, a BBQ set with a funny message for barbecue fans or a wet razor and toothbrush mug with engraved name.

Anyone who has just got a new pet will be delighted to receive a pet tag engraved with the pet's name and the owners' telephone number.

An engraved olive wood heart is not only a beautiful worry stone, but also emphasises the affection between lovers on Valentine's Day.

A nice tooth fairy gift is a tooth box with name in which children can collect their milk teeth. This way, the child can keep all the wiggly teeth neatly for decades.

Personalised Engraved Gifts leave Positive Impressions

Traditionally, bread and salt are given as a housewarming gift. To greet welcome guests directly at the front door, an engraved olive wood and slate door sign for the entrance area is a great gift idea. Personalised key rings show directly who the key belongs to or which building the key is for, e.g. gazebo, guest room, cellar.

Sustainable Promotional Engraved Gifts

Companies use engraved promotional gifts to draw attention to their sustainable product range at trade fairs. A small thank you for the successful cooperation becomes a personal gift for employees and customers with an individual engraving, embossing, or printing. Corporate gifts that have a lower carbon footprint and are of great benefit to the recipient are of particular value. These include letter openers, eco pens, stainless steel insulated mugs, wooden serving trays, power banks, USB memory sticks and practical accessories for home, garden and yard.

Customised Eco Gifts

Sustainable gifts get that certain something through an individual design. Creative people personalise eco gifts themselves with stickers, photos and drawings. Others use the engraving service at Greenpicks. Especially gifts with famous quotes, aphorisms, inside jokes and moving words enhance personalised items and touch the recipient. The sustainable range at Greenpicks offers a diverse selection of personalisable items that can be transformed into a customised gift with an engraving or print.

Create your desired engraving on our sustainable gifts. You can customise the gift for the recipient by choosing the message and font. The personalised engraved gifts can be enhanced with names, a greeting, a dedication, congratulations or a love message, among other things.

If you're short on time, you'll find a wide selection of ready-printed and engraved gifts at Greenpicks. Classics include cutting boards and coasters with »Best Mum in the World«, »Best Grandpa in the World«, »Favourite Person« and »Thank You«.

Advantages of Sustainable Products refined with Engraving and Print

Sustainability is a guiding principle in all areas of life to use resources savingly, efficiently and in a carbon-neutral way. However, it is also important to ensure that the gift industry is itself implemented in the most climate-friendly manner possible. The manufacturer’s responsibility for its products will last throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Choosing a sustainable product that is personalised through engraving and a print means that it can be returned to the value chain at the end of use cycles through reuse, recycling, upcycling and cradle-to-cradle. A gesture towards environmental protection and a win-win-win situation for the giver, the recipient and nature.

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