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This is how your child becomes mobile: with pull-along toys!

Pull toys and push toys are both suitable to stimulate children visually and to motivate them to move – be it for crawling or walking. If a child drags a pull toy on a string behind the purpose of standing on its own feet is achieved playfully. For this purpose it is particularly mobile and designed on wheels to ensure easy operation. Because toddlers imitate behaviors very early in life, these eco toys encourage this behavior. A very popular pull-along toy for children is the dog. For little explorers it is possible to imitate the adults when walking the dog. On Greenpicks not only pull-along dogs can be found, but a sustainable selection of eco-friendly and child-friendly pull toys of all kinds! Penguins, tigers and elephants invite toddlers to play.

Pull Toys in Organic Quality

In addition to the playful aspect eco-orientated parents appreciate that the pull toy for their child is made from harmless and environmentally friendly materials. The diversity is limited only to materials in organic quality; the design diversity, however, is limitless. That is, the eco-friendly online shops on Greenpicks only offer pull-along toys made of certified organic cotton, hemp, rubber and wood from sustainable forestry. If plastic is used, this material is free of plasticizers, BPA free and phthalate-free.

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Toys are qualified as resource-saving when recycled plastic is used for the production of pull-along. And this toy also has to correspond to international guidelines such as for example Safety of Toys, CE tested and others. Since infants take everything in their mouths during the oral phase, pull toys are either dyed or painted with saliva-resistant, environmentally friendly colours. In our assortment you can find pull along toys both of fabric, wood and recycled plastic. For fans of stuffed animals pull toys made of organic cotton are particularly ideal, such as of FRANCK & FISCHER. The US-company Green toys offers a small zoo made from recycled milk jugs.

Pull-Along Toys as Eco Gift

With fun, curiosity and zeal the former baby and now toddler explores everything within its reach. They develop initial understanding of shapes and colours. Elemental in this phase of learning is the motor ability. By feeling, movement, pull and push the infants conquere their world step by step. Pull toys stimulate the senses and allow diverse experiences on a very simple level.

The many benefits of pull-along toys make it a meaningful and beautiful eco gift for Christmas, Birthday and Easter. Whether as a baby walker or as a companion on walks – a pull toy is a useful playmate with cuddle factor, which follows the small owners with wheels and castors at every turn.

Pull toys in organic quality often have a long life. If your child / children have outgrown the educational toys, donate them to charities. In addition to the worthy cause, to let other children benefit from eco toys, the donation of well-preserved toys saves our resources.

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