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Headbands at Greenpicks

Girls‘ Headbands – practical eco fashion accessories

Even little girls are already peacocky when it comes to their hairstyle. Most young women cannot sit still for a long time. Therefore thanks to hair ties, hair clips and headbands different hairstyles are possible. If the little ones have the fringe or the rest of the hair hanging in their faces, a headband might help. Especially when romping, climbing and doing sports, frontlets are useful as practical accessories. If you use the variety of colours and patterns, you create an individual style.

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Girls‘ Headbands in certified organic qualtiy

A fabric headband does not only bridle unmanageable hair, but also enables a quick hairdressing before kindergarten or school and promotes the independence of the children. While the girls choose a headband based on their favorite colour, the material also plays a role for environmentally conscious parents. They prefer to use certified organic cotton. If girls' headbands carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal, they contain at least 70% ecological fibres. From cultivation to harvest to processing and shipping, no pollutants may come into contact with the textiles. The seal also demands adherence to strict social criteria such as the prohibition of forced or child labour and adequate payment.
With the quality label NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST, all parts of the textiles even have to consist of 100% natural fibres that come from certified organic farming or species-appropriate husbandry.
The eco seals such as the 'Grüne Knopf' (Green Button) and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® offer confidence in textiles. This means that hazardous chemicals are excluded and there are binding requirements for decent working conditions.

Hair band instead of a hat – the hairstyle fits, the ears are warm!

Especially on mild days when there is an unpleasant wind the organic headband is a great alternative to a hat. It protects the sensitive ears from drafts. In winter headbands lined with organic fleece ensure warm ears. In contrast to girls' hats, they still show a lot of hair. An integrated elastic band ensures optimal adaptation to the head, so that the headband sits well on the head even during outdoor activities. In addition, headbands and bandeaus allow a wide variety of hairstyles. With a headband from Greenpicks, girls can create cool styles in no time and pair colour-matching hair accessories to the outer clothing. If you want to complete the look, you can also choose loops and scarves in the same design. So the little ones are quickly styled and ready for daycare and school.

There are also girls' headbands for adults, which then turn out larger. In terms of quality, the women's headbands meet the highest ecological standards.

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