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Eco-friendly Wooden Toys

Each of us knows it: touching wood, to feel the haptic and perceiving its smell and one feels reminded of the favourite toy from childhood. Many of the classic wooden toys of our childhood have not lost their relevance, unfortunately often had been replaced with toys made of plastic "Made in China".

Wooden toys must endure a lot. It is put into the mouth, chewed, thrown or sometimes forgotten outside. Therefore it is important that the eco wooden toys are made of both non-toxic materials, free from harmful substances and are durable. Wooden toys based on organic wood is free of pollutants, such as pesticides. Paints and varnishes meet current safety standards and are often water-based or from soy inks. Often the wooden toys are untreated or furnished only with natural oils and glazes.

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In addition to non-toxic substances safety for toys for children are top priority. In Europe, it must meet the European Toy Safety Standard EN 71. Other countries have similar standards, for example, ASTM in the USA.

Moreover, in general toys should have an educational value. What is meant that toy of wood and other natural materials shall promote playfully the childs’ early development as fine motor skills and imagination.

Wooden toys meet all the aforementioned properties. The toys offered on the online marketplace Greenpicks are available either from local wood from sustainable forestry or recycled wood. The former is marked with the appropriate eco seal, for example, FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). The mission of the independent, non-profit non-governmental organization is to promote an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests.

The manufacturers do not only focus on meaningful wooden toys for children, but also on environmental and social responsibility in manufacturing and distribution. So workshops for people with disabilities are involved in the production, which can be seen from our sustainability criterion "fair and social". Some wooden toys are developed based on anthroposophic principles or Montessori and Waldorf education.

Beyond mass productions wooden toys are produced ethically and ecologically correct in small series. Both in small European family businesses as well as NGOs or communities on the African and Asian continent eco toys are often handcrafted under humane conditions. So jobs in the region are secured, school activities are enabled and poverty is combatted. Women who would like to stay in the local community, get a flexible job that allows them to achieve a stable income without having to leave their families.

Wooden toys are something very special! Traditional children's toys have always been made of wood; sometimes combined with metal and fabric, to combine parts with each other, to build in and to decorate. Global companies such as Varis® or Heroes of Wood [Helden aus Holz®] continue this tradition in modern designs and in organic quality. So wooden toys stand for the root of natural playing, creating a link to nature. Because of too many computer games many children unfortunately loose this natural relationship. At the same time parents offer their children with an environmentally friendly produced organic wooden toy a step towards a sustainable future.

Creative Wooden Toys for Baby und Kids in Eco Quality

Creative wooden toys and educational games promote the mental, physical, intellectual and creative development of a child. For the youngest, children under 3 years, rattles, mobiles and stackable figures are interesting toys. By these wooden toys babies explore the world of sounds, colours and shapes. For young children the eco-friendly online shops on Greenpicks offer lovingly crafted puzzles, stacking blocks and toy blocks of wood. Thus, coordination and motor skills of the little ones are encouraged. At the same time the sense of fun is not too short. For every successful stacked wooden tower, the infant will be thrilled.

Wooden Toys made of Organic Wood

During infancy, the demands are changing and thus the challenges. Spirit of research and creativity are awaking and want to be promoted. The assortment of toys for toddlers at Greenpicks includes houses, railways, building bricks, push and pull toys, rocking horses, marble runs and figures all made of natural wood. Modular design and construction sets made from organic wood enable the childs’ creative and imaginative play. The wooden construction kits of individual producers can be combined, so that the child can build new worlds again and again and extend playfully its motoric, sensory and creative horizons.

Discover now sustainable wooden toys on the online marketplace for organic and sustainable products – Greenpicks – and order the valuable educational toys!

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