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Baby care & Child Care – as much as necessary, as little as possible

It only takes a few care products for baby and child care, which supply the delicate skin with vitamins, minerals and fats. Less has often a higher and gentler benefit for the care of sensitive baby skin. Warm water and a soft washcloth are perfectly adequate in the first few weeks of life to cleanse the baby. And even later, it is possible to keep the use of care products for babies and toddlers minimalist while keeping them clean.

Organic care products for babies and children – quality over quantity

If there is no genetic predisposition to atopic dermatitis or other suspected allergy, a high quality care for normal baby skin is sufficient. A starter kit consisting of high-quality, natural plant oil and a skin protection cream for the nappy area is a nice and meaningful gift for birth. Later, the baby care and child care can be supplemented as needed with a bath additive, baby bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo, body lotion and face cream from the same skin care series.

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For the natural care of baby skin, in addition to the effectiveness of the care products it is above all that only natural and biological ingredients are used. Pomegranate, seabuckthorn, calendula, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil are the ingredients of certified organic farming and ensure a mild skin care of the youngest in a natural way.

Organic care products for babies and children that were awarded the NaTrue quality seal only contain natural, near-natural and nature-identical ingredients. Artificial ingredients are prohibited as well as animal testing. The Federal Association of German industrial and commercial companies (BDIH for short) also certify natural cosmetics. Here vegetable raw materials must come mainly from certified organic farming. BDIH certified care products are animal-free, and must not contain synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, paraffin or other petroleum products. ECOCERT, the French certification association for organic products, distinguishes between organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics. In various proportions, care products must contain organic and natural substances from certified organic farming. Silicones or synthetic ingredients are also taboo. The demeter seal is considered one of the strictest. The eco label receives cosmetic products whose ingredients have at least a demeter raw material content of 90 percent. Cosmetic manufacturers who want to be certified by demeter have to do completely without nanoparticles, mineral oils and genetic engineering.

Natural cosmetics may contain substances that have been produced by animals, such as milk, beeswax, honey or wool wax. 100% vegan cosmetics are e.g. featured with the vegan trademark, a vegan flower of the Vegan Society. The natural formula consists of three sustainability criteria: 100 percent herbal ingredients, zero percent animal ingredients and animal testing-free.

Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics are designed for normal and sensitive skin care. The newborn benefits from the warming and developmental properties of a normal baby care.

Natural baby care and child care from head to toe

Baby skin is five times thinner than the skin of an adult, it is still developing and is particularly in need of protection. Therefore, it needs some help from the outside. To prevent a nappy rash, the organic nappy should be worn loosely and changed regularly. Should a diaper dermatitis occur nevertheless, an organic balsam of Peru soothes the sore bottom. Zinc oxide, natural oils and effective organic medicinal extracts help to reduce redness and rashes in the nappy area. And treat your baby’s bottom to diaper-free times and fresh air.

A baby or child does not need to be bathed daily. Once or twice a week in a baby bath tub is sufficient with a bathing time of five minutes. Mild bath additives are skin-friendly, so that the natural acid protection of the skin can build up. Instead of bath supplement, a few drops of baby oil make bathwater a bath care; especially recommended for sensitive skin, also for adults. Since newborns usually only have a few and still very fine hair on their head, it is sufficient to clean the little head with lukewarm water or a damp soft sponge. If there is a magnificent head of hair or dirty hair after playing, if necessary parents should prefer special organic baby shampoo. After bathing, a hooded towel protects the wet head from drafts and can be used to blot dry gently baby's skin. Instead of a towel, the tiniest can be wrapped in a bathrobe. After bathing the spoiling starts for baby, mother and father. A gentle massage with a natural oil promotes warmth and provides security. Like a heating pad, massage with baby oil can relieve flatulence. The baby massage contributes positively to the development of the parent-child relationship and the skin. A bedtime song as an evening ritual promotes the relaxation initiated by the massage among the little ones.

Baby care accessories makes everyday life with child easier

Starter kits are perfect for the layette of babies. They contain everything new parents need initially for baby care. After four to six weeks, the need for basic equipment increases, and further accessories for baby care make everyday life easier with children. The hair and nails grow and require proper care. To prevent the baby from scratching itself with its long fingernails as a result of its awkward movements, baby nail scissors with rounded blades helps to shorten the small nails. The best time for this is after bathing; then the nails are soft. With a bath thermometer you determine the child-appropriate temperature for the bath. This is ideally at 35°C and 37°C temperature. A baby brush with fine natural bristles cares for the hair in a gentle way and massages the delicate baby scalp.

As soon as the first tooth becomes visible, parents should begin to clean their offspring's milk teeth with a soft cloth or damp washcloth. If the teeth are cutting properly, you can switch to a soft baby or child toothbrush. Regular brushing prevents caries. With child-friendly eco toothbrushes, parents can introduce their child to brush its teeth. A pea-sized amount of lightly fluoridated children's toothpaste or tooth gel provides a fresh, clean mouth. Prefer organic toothpaste. It is pleasant in taste and free of surfactants, essential oils, menthol and sugar.

Fresh air and especially sunlight is important for vitamin D formation in babies. But because of the sensitive skin, babies and children need special protection against the sun. Corresponding protection offers a parasol, awning, clothing, sun hats and caps with UV protection and mineral eco sun cream with high SPF. Organic sun cream for babies and children protects the tender skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The ingredients are of organic and natural origin. The special sunscreen for children is free of allergenic substances such as synthetic protective filter, PEG, SLS and paraben and does not contain any synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives, paraffin, silicones and other crude oil products. Baby sunscreen is thus an effective protection against the sun's rays and for the environment.

Organic care accessories for babies and children

On the one hand, practical organic care products for babies and children reduce the stress in everyday life. And on the other hand, against the backdrop of our planet's plastic litter, sustainable baby care accessories are made from wood, bamboo, organic cotton, recyclable bioplastics, and other eco-friendly materials, supporting a plastic-free lifestyle. Accessories for baby and child care is free of harmful substances. This is good for the environment and for all people who come in contact with the final product during production and later. Greenpicks offers all the essentials and care products that parents need for skin-friendly baby and child care, respecting nature conservation and animal welfare, and sourcing from environmentally-friendly production.

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