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Baby Gyms and play mats in organic quality

Cuddling, crawling, and playing – all these activities with a single baby accessory – the baby blanket. The eco-friendly online shops at Greenpicks offer cosy blankets for babies and children in organic quality, whether as a blanket for crawling, for building caves, as a pad under a baby spyder or as a warming blanket on cold days.

The baby blanket accompanies the growing children often as a blanket for playing to the preschool age. Some children have locked the cuddly blanket in their heart that it is sometimes a challenge for parents to wash them because their offspring does not want to do without it.

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Eco-friendly baby blankets and playmats made from organic cotton and organic wool

A baby blanket made of pure, untreated organic natural fibers protects the delicate baby and children's skin. This prevents them from being exposed to unnecessary allergenic pollutants. Give your baby a blanket for cuddling and swaddling in pure organic quality. In this way, you can feel certain that the direct contact with the skin will not harm your child, but the baby blanket with sustainable and ecological properties will pamper your baby's skin and softly flatter it.

Blankets made of soft and natural materials such as certified organic cotton are particularly suitable. Organic cotton is skin-friendly, and from the cultivation to the end product free of pollutants. The natural fibre is breathable and ensures that newborns and small children do not feel too hot. Stains caused by spitting and spilling can be washed out of organic cotton even at higher temperatures. Colourful baby blankets with dots, stripes and child-oriented motifs are proven for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 or meet the standard for natural textiles with the currently highest requirements "NATURTEXTIL IVN certified Best". Perfect for soft baby skin!

A good alternative to baby blankets made of organic cotton are cuddly blankets made from organic wool, which comes from certified organic animal farming. The same strict environmental requirements apply to eco woolen blankets as well as for organic cotton. The baby blankets made of organic wool enable a pleasant sleeping climate thanks to their breathing activity. They transport moisture optimally and provide cuddly warmth.

A blanket for swaddling and changing nappies: baby blankets are versatile

A baby blanket made of natural fibers convinces by its versatility. Free of pollutants and breathable, it can accompany your child as a favourite cuddly blanket over many years. For infants it is excellently suited for swaddling. With this way of swaddling, the newborn is closely wrapped into a cloth during the first months of life. Most babies love to be wrapped up this way because it reminds them of the tightness in the womb. Swaddling gives babies a sure and secure feeling.

A baby blanket made of organic cotton or a changing mat with a damp-resistant and pollutant-free coating in the phase of breastfeeding and wrapping has proven to be practical. But even after that, the baby blanket can still be used as a duvet, cuddly blanket or blanket for travelling.

Crawling blankets for first experiences and exercises

When your baby starts its first crawling attempts, the baby blanket turns into a crawling blanket. The lightly padded pads offer a soft lying surface and ensure that the toddler does not become too cold on the baby’s gyms. In order to be able to carry out its first movement attempts unimpeded and invulnerably, the crawling blanket should be placed on the floor. It can move freely and train its muscles and coordination. – By the way, a crawling blanket made of organic cotton is also a nice gift for birth.

Toddlers discover the world around them with all sense organs. This includes grasping, feeling, seeing, hearing and tasting. Crawling blankets with an experience element, also called adventure blankets, satisfy the curiosity. Different fabrics, patterns and pictures on a blanket, inwrought game elements, such as a squeak and other acoustic stimuli, awaken the child's spirit of discovery. Thanks to the various elements, the adventure blanket teaches the senses of your child.

Baby’s gyms and playmats – the fitness center for babies and toddlers

A baby spyder or activity play gym is also a great way to promote the sensuous perception of babies. The baby lays in supine position on a softly cushioned play mat or a quilted baby blanket made from organic cotton. Above him attached on a play bar small dangle soft and colourful playthings. In order to promote the sense of hearing, some toys are equipped with BPA-free rattles and bells. Equipped with small figures, rattles and grabbing toys, the baby spyder animates the child to stretch, to struggle with its legs and grasping afterwards. Not only the baby is very well entertained, but it trains its muscles at the same time and slowly begins to recognize colours and shapes.

However, eco baby blankets for crawling and playmats will not yet be worn-out for a long time when the fitness center of the youngest is closed because it has now expanded its radius of action. They can also be used as a blanket for playing. Thus, in each room of the apartment quickly a play area can be established and the offspring is protected from a hard and cool ground. The high-quality organic cotton and a stitched border protect the baby blanket to fringe.

The various use of crawling blankets: picnic blanket, travel rug and cuddly blanket

There are no limits to the wide use of crawling blankets. Use baby gyms and playmats as a picnic blanket, travel rug and as a cuddly blanket when visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Greenpicks, the sustainable online marketplace with many eco online shops, offers a wide selection of different baby blankets in eco quality, which invite you to cuddle, and are a practical companion for wrapping and swaddling or for traveling.

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