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As soon as mild temperatures allow it, people flock into the countryside. Hard-boiled people also brave the weather and prefer to spend their free time outdoors in fresh air. Even a picnic awakens holiday-like feelings and contributes to relaxation after work. To ensure that it is environmentally friendly in the allotment garden and when going camping and outdoor, innovative technologies, sustainable materials and fair fashion have the finger on the pulse with responsible consumers.

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Outdoor equipment at Greenpicks

For nature-loving people, every day they spend in the open countryside is balm for the soul. Be it camping in the wilderness or barbecuing in the urban park – good and sustainable outdoor equipment offers everything you need for cooking, lighting a fire and for sporting activities. Solar cookers, reusable grills, and alternative barbecue coal, camping cooking utensils, tools, camping dishes, but also functional clothing are made sustainably in deference to nature. On the one hand, this means that the equipment and accessories are made from sustainable materials that are recyclable at the end of their long service life. These include stainless steel, bioplastic, wood, palm leaves but also recycled plastic. On the other hand, outdoor manufacturers pay attention to environmentally friendly and climate-friendly production and short transport routes, which speaks for quality Made in Germany or at least Made in Europe. In the course of globalisation, the supply chains reach as far away as Asia. Here too, responsible outfitters pay attention to fair and social working conditions. Climate protection projects often compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Eco accessories for camping and outdoor kitchens

Mess kits must be light, decorative and yet sturdy. Cups and plates made of bioplastics are particularly popular with outdoor friends. Reusable cutlery made of bamboo or bioplastic is perfect for the zero-waste lifestyle. It is light and fits in any backpack. Reusable drinking bottles and practical thermal mugs, in which the drinks keep the right temperature, are suitable for trips into nature.

Those who want to do without fossil resources such as gas and charcoal can prepare delicious meals with solar energy. Cooking from vegetables, meat and fish to pizza with a solar cooker is particularly enjoyable. Cooking espresso or barbecuing – the solar cooker is the environmentally friendly alternative in the outdoor kitchen.

Light into the darkness brings a gravity lamp, which works completely without electricity. This does not only save money, because campsites often require a flat-rate electricity fee, which is usually higher than the actual consumption. The gravity light also protects the energy processing of the electricity plants, especially if many people would resort to alternative energy sources.

Sturdy tools for life in nature

In times of climate change, many people discover the advantages of a garden. This does not necessarily have to be a separate piece of land, because vegetable growing and herbs cultivation is even possible on a small balcony as well as indoors. Tools, pruning shears, watering cans made of sturdy materials are indispensable tools that each gardener will need. For self-sufficiency, organic herbs, bush beans and leaf salads can be grown even in a windowbox for the window sill and for the balcony. If you have more space, build a vegetable patch or raised bed and maybe even plant one or two fruit trees.

Splitting hatchet, a foldable pocket saw, knife, mushroom knife and garden knife make life in nature easier. Sustainable materials, the practical size and the needs-based functionality characterize the multifunction tools, which can be helpful on trekking tours, for camping and gardening. If you have to dig through the thicket of the garden or on a hike through thick bushes, the outdoor saws, axes and cleavers will serve you well. The sharp saw blade of the outdoor saw cuts through smaller branches. Thicker branches can be split with the axe and processed into firewood with the splitting hatchet.

Garden tools and outdoor toys specially designed for children are sturdy and sustainable. This enables children to be involved in gardening at an early stage and thus provide them with important information about nature.

Natural burden sharing with backpacks and upcycling bags

Backpacks are not only practical companions on hikes, but are also suitable for transporting picnic and camping accessories. In addition to provisions, lightweight flasks, food storage container, cutlery, sun cream and insect repellent should have space in your backpack. On top of that, they can also be used for smaller sports equipment such as rope, slackline, yoga pillow and swimming gear. Some backpacks are designed as smart that even a day trip with a baby is possible; because inside they turn out to be a carefully designed baby changing bag.

For a relaxing day in the open-air pool or at the beach, sports bags and beach bags hold all the necessary items such as a towel, bathing shoes and water bottle. The backpacks and bags are characterized by sturdy materials. Used sails, parachutes and tarpaulins get a second life instead of wasting new resources. The best materials are always those that can be returned to Mother Nature's cycle at the end of their useful service life. This means figuratively a weight was lifted from your mind. Manufacturers of camping and outdoor equipment that are members of the Fair Wear Foundation have integrated fair working conditions into the production process.

Space-saving natural cosmetics for on the go

For many people, a night under the stars or protected from a tent or caravan is the epitome of freedom. If you are traveling for several days, you do not want to do without a minimum of body care. Since many cosmetic items are packed in heavy glass jars and plastic containers, solid hair wash, teeth cleaning tablets, body soap and toothbrushes made from bamboo or bioplastics make the cosmetic bag lightweight. These body care products do not require a large outer packaging, are also lightweight, space-saving and environmentally friendly. For protection they can be packed in a soap case, in a toothbrush case made of liquid wood or in a soap bag made of sisal. The body care items contain purely natural ingredients. Without microplastics, they are biodegradable in nature.

Outdoor accessories: the portable reusable grill and the mobile campfire

Preparing food over a campfire is the highlight of a satisfied day in nature for many people. There’s nothing like sharp knives and splitting hatchets for preparing firewood. A trekking axe is light and handy and, thanks to the hand-forged steel head, it is a reliable tool for preparing the wood you need for a campfire. If, despite all due diligence, a slight cut should happen, ecological adhesive plasters offer first aid for wound care. The bamboo plasters are chemical-free and biodegradable. The eco plasters cover the wound and protect it from dirt.

But a campfire may not be fan everywhere. A sustainable alternative are mobile barbecue grills, hardly bigger than a laptop, cause the disposable BBQ grills are no-go items. The BBQ grills made of stainless steel are packed like a suitcase and are quickly ready for use and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. An ideal roasting is provided by a combustion chamber under the grill and a lid as a heat reflector. And even with a stainless steel fire bowl, campfire romanticism arises. The home-caught fish and freshly harvested vegetables can be grilled with a suitable grillage.

Shed ballast

No matter whether festival weekend, a short getaway with the family, hikes and trekking tours, outdoor trips, city breaks or camping: Greenpicks offers outdoor equipment and camping accessories for sustainable travelling and outdoor living. According to the motto, it is easier to live with few ballast and environmentally friendly accessories for camping and outdoors.

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