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Sustainable Gift Wrap for reducing your Carbon Footprint

Gift giving is one of the most beautiful gestures of all. Gift wrapping is important because it helps turn any object into a gift and creates a surprise effect. The desire to hide the identity of a gift until just the right moment led people to wrap gifts long, long ago.

So far, so good, but unfortunately elaborate gift wrap is wasteful. The benefits of coated wrapping paper or plastic wrap are short-lived and bear no proportion to the impact on the environment. Greenpicks offers creative solutions to wrap gifts sustainably.

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Eco-friendly reusable Gift Packaging

Reusable tin can and boxes will hold almost any gift. They come in different sizes. Whether it's homemade Christmas biscuits, natural cosmetics, or as discreet packaging for condoms – reusable tins make great gift packaging. Once the gift is unwrapped, the reusable packaging can be reused to store other things, e.g. hair clips, tokens, craft supplies and sewing utensils.

The gift packaging alternatives are made of stainless steel, tinplate or glass. Delicacies and homemade chocolates, jams and biscuits can be given as gifts in these containers because they are usually food-safe and easy to clean, sometimes even in the dishwasher. Jewellery, money or sweets as gifts are hidden in small tin cans and jars.

Wrap food in Bee’s Wrap, or place it in a food-grade container. They are a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap or plastic container that also happens to be quite aesthetically pleasing, so it can work as gift wrap as well.

Reusable gift wrap and boxes also rely on other sustainable raw materials. These include bamboo, cardboard or recycled paper. Gift boxes are made from FSC-certified renewable sources and printed with environmentally friendly inks. Gifts presented in tins made of bamboo are also ecologically valuable. This is a very fast-growing raw material that grows continuously despite being harvested and is therefore a precious renewable resource. The bamboo boxes can either be given away as gifts. Or they can be used as storage boxes for sewing thread, buttons, wool scraps and much more. Sustainable gift boxes are also easy to personalise and make anyone who receives one feel like they’re getting VIP treatment.

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Glitter wrapping paper, shiny (laminated) paper and the cellophane are supposed to enhance the gift, but they are not recyclable and end up in the waste incineration plant. If you want to wrap lovingly selected gifts in an environmentally friendly way, better use eco-friendly wrapping paper that bears the Blue Angel seal. The well-known label ensures that the wrapping paper is made of 100% recycled paper. Moreover, gift wrapping made of recycled paper has several advantages. Existing resources are used and significantly less water is consumed in the production process than for new wrapping paper. The printing inks also meet strict environmental standards so that neither people nor nature are harmed in the production of wrapping paper. Recycled gift wrappings save trees and reduce waste.

Fabric Gift Bags

An old pillowcase or tea towel or purchased fabric is another reusable alternative to make textile gift bags.

New fabric gift bags meet Greenpicks sustainability criteria. They are fair and organic and made from sustainable materials. Ecologically correct are GOTS certified fabrics as well as materials tested by the seals Der Grüne Knopf (the green button), STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and Fair Trade.

The textile gift bag can be reused by the person giving or receiving the gift for a wide variety of things after unwrapping the gifts. Be it to wrap a new gift or to store other items in it.

Upcycled DIY Gift Wrap & Gift Boxes

Whether it's a birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas, there is always an occasion to present a nice gift.

If you don't want to use wrapping paper, fall back on already existing materials using things from around the house. Newsprint or pages from magazines or advertising inserts inventively wrap gifts. A voucher for an e-book wrapped in book page fits the gift perfectly. Likewise, road maps, topographical maps, out-of-date aeronautical and marine charts all work well and can be ‘matched’ with the gift, e.g. a topo map to wrap a gift of outdoor gear, or an old marine chart for a boat-related gift, or an old city map to wrap a travel voucher.

Another wonderful sources for gift wrap are old large size calendar, comics, sheet music, cutting pattern, fabric remnants and offcut of wallpaper. The pages are large enough to provide great wrapping paper for small and medium sized gifts.

Cardboard boxes and tins in various sizes are popular alternative packaging for gifts. They do not only hide the surprise, but get a new festive look with decorative items. In a small gift box, which former might have been a food package for noodles or rice, a restaurant voucher goes down well. The menu and a few treats refine the culinary gift.

Materials from nature spice up the gift wrap. Even with alternative gift packaging, you don't have to do without decorations. Cut-out letters, hearts or stars emphasize in a customised way. Wool oddments can be tied into decorative bows.

Even gift tags can be made quickly. Simply cut them out of old cardboard boxes or recycle the backs of yoghurt pot lids or the insides of chocolate wrappers.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Greenpicks offers a wide range of alternative gift packaging materials to reduce the use of plastic and other materials. Our range of sustainable gift wrap and boxes helps to protect the environment. Just browse and discover.

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