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Ecological living in the second living room – garden, terrace and balcony

Climate change makes it possible. Once it is mild and dry, the garden, terrace and balcony transform into a second living room. Depending on the size of the outdoor area differently designed garden areas become favourite places with feel-good character. Especially upcycling decoration and homemade decorations give each outdoor area an individual flair.

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Green living in the outdoor paradise

It is practical, comfortable and environmentally friendly with garden furniture, thus, deckchair, chair and stool and a table made of recycled and durable materials. This includes recycled plastic as well as wood and metal, which is secondarily used from old sheds, boat bridges and pallets. Responsibly processed wood such as beech, pine, oak etc. are marked with the FSC® or PEFC seal. This means that renewable raw materials are reforested to compensate for the cleared woodland. In the further environmentally friendly processing of accessories for balcony, terrace and garden, it is also important that the production is climate-neutral and that as few pollutants as possible are emitted. Of course, ecological garden and balcony accessories must contain little to neither pollutants that would be harmful to humans and the environment.

Cushions are a great way to garnish chairs and benches for comfortable seating. Cushion covers made from recycled tea and coffee sacks, old sails and parachutes and residues from the textile industry are not only particularly decorative, but also give these materials a second life. Also stuffings for pillows are made of recycled or natural fabrics, e.g. cut cotton strips from old T-shirts, organic millet husks, spelt husks or seaweed.

Natural splashes of color emphasize the cosiness

In addition to solar lamps, flowerpots put splashes of color in the green oasis. Sturdy materials such as ceramic, metal, wood and recycled plastic guarantee long shelf life of the planter. Various flowers, perennials and grasses do not only provide variety, but also provide valuable food for bees and other insects. Insect hotels create habitats for a variety of insects. Such an insect house is fitted with natural resources: elderberry, round logs, cut pieces of wood, etc. Lanterns, rape wax candles, tealight holders made of olive wood and fire bowls can emphasize this idyllic cosiness with their warm glow.

Urban Gardening against global warming in the cities

Anyone living in the city can use seed bombs that contain organic certified flower seeds to boost naturally the urban environment. The so-called urban gardening is an important ecological contribution to reducing climate warming in the cities. Seed balls, herb pots and seed sticks may be spread anywhere where permitted.

With a hydroponic planting set edible greens grow even in the minutest cottage. From now on salad and herbs in organic quality grow and can be harvested in the apartment and enrich the menu with organic food.

Eco certified potting soil, naturally peat-free and environmentally friendly flower soil from coconut fibre remains are a good alternative to ecologically harmful peat extraction.

Sustainable Garden Tools & Organic Plant Accessories

From time to time the hobby gardener has to intervene to preserve and retain beautiful flowers and healthy plants.

Partially withered parts of plants can be removed with your fingers. For thicker branches, secateurs or a saw are helpful. In addition to sharp blades and stable processing, sustainable materials such as wood and stainless steel are crucial for a long service life of the garden tools. Fertilizer supports the plants in their growth. Many organic remains make it easy to make a DIY fertilizer that can replace finished products. Just look around in the household and use already existing natural fertilizers such as coffee grounds and crushed egg shells. A green alternative are vegan organic fertilisers based on plant-based raw materials. For example, hobby gardeners with an ecological conscience can confidently rely on Naturland certified fertilizers. For this, plant raw materials from organic farms are processed into pollutant-free fertilizer. The local production results in short transport routes for the raw materials associated with the preservation of jobs in Germany. Until the recyclable packaging, organic fertilizers are sustainable, elaborate garden products that do not harm people or the environment.

For effective pest control a chemical mace is rarely needed. Nettle sewage is not only an organic plant food, but also a natural, effective and free means to combat aphids.

Sustainable BBQ accessories

Balcony, terrace and garden, as well as public parks are beloved meeting points in the summer to enjoy with mild temperatures a balmy summer evening with friends and family. Grilled vegetables and meat over an open fire are popular. With outdoor grills made of stainless steel and clay and eco bbq charcoal, environmentally-conscious barbecue fans have sustainable grill accessories on hand to grill ecologically sound. Alternative barbecue charcoal consists of olive pits, grape vines and coconut shells. Environmental protection associations recommend using grill lighters and charcoal of the eco labels FSC®, PEFC and Naturland. It would also be best to dispense with disposable crockery that burdens the environment during production as well as on dumping and prefers to use sustainable disposable dishes. Various manufacturers offer crockery made from pressed palm leaves, banana leaves and bioplastics. It can be washed off and is thus reusable. And compostable at the end of its useful life.

More green for garden, terrace and balcony

Ecological garden supplies are much more than practical accessories for terrace, balcony and garden. In addition to flowers, fruit trees and perennials, decorative elements are the icing on the cake to give cosy oases that certain something. Water plants in an old cooking pot, planted rubber boots, borders for garden beds from old glass bottles, etc., not only testify to creativity, but also to the sensibly alienated use of resources, which receive a new use in their second life, so-called upcycling. An old case of wine or a sewing machine becomes a stand for planter; a barrel becomes a collecting container for rainwater. Just take a look around the flea market for suitable DIY stuff. Almost too good for the dustbin! Anyone who wants to draw on new goods for gardening decoration will find at Greenpicks sustainable accessories in the department garden, terrace and balcony – made of natural raw materials, durable and recyclable.

Conclusion: More green for garden, terrace and balcony's at Greenpicks.

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