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Get your home and laundry sparkling clean with natural cleaning products

Whether at home or office – small and large “mucky pups” and quasi "natural" accumulating house dust are everywhere. Washing and cleaning are not one of the favourite tasks of humans, but sometimes indispensable; especially if you are allergic. There are many good reasons to look for organic laundry detergents and eco-friendly cleaning agents with environmentally friendly and healthy ingredients. In addition to avoiding risks to health for the family and for yourself sustainability, natural living, climate and environmental protection are central issues related to washing and cleaning.

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Natural fragrance, natural cleanliness

Eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products are always fully biodegradable and free of animal testing, which particularly people with a vegan lifestyle will enjoy. The used raw materials are of natural origin and come from certified organic farming. Both the cultivation and in the further processing, the manufacturer of ecological cleaning products and detergents pay attention to resource- and energy-friendly production. Preservatives, dyes and fragrances as well as chemical additives are taboo.

Eco-friendly cleaning in kitchen, bathroom and workshop

Organic cleaning products provide powerful cleaning and hygiene and brilliant shine. Here you will find eco floor cleaner and organic cleaning products by Almawin and Klar. For hygiene in the kitchen cares a food-safe and dermatologically acceptable organic kitchen cleaner. In the workshop, shiny tools are less important than that clean machines work better. This brings the equipment and tools a longer life, thus also is a sustainable effect on the environment. For stubborn dirt on machinery, tools, machine parts, engine blocks, containers and tanks there is a special completely biodegradable organic machine cleaner.

On the other hand in the commercial kitchen, of course, one enjoys shiny cookware and spic and span floors. But hygiene is here in the first place. Grease and oil are effectively removed from stoves, sinks, working surfaces and kitchenware, without attacking the surfaces with an organic detergent for the kitchen. And the eco cleaner for floors freeds floors of different materials of stubborn grease and oil, and is completely biodegradable.

Organic laundry detergent dermatologically tested

Eco-friendly washing powder and organic liquid detergents are not only suitable for people with sensitive skin and vegans, but also do not pollute the environment like conventional detergents. For laundry of babies and allergy sufferers dermatologically tested organic detergent is particularly suitable.

For an eco-friendly cleaning curd soap, eco decalcifier, stain remover and brooms are classical helpers.

Especially in the countryside and in smaller towns it is often difficult to get vegan and organic cleaning products and detergents. Simply order biological detergents in the online shops at Greenpicks. Delivery is usually made CO2 neutral directly to your door.

Good for your health – good for the environment.

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