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Cardigans at Greenpicks

Organic baby cardigans for practical layered look

Newly married parents always need adjustable and versatile baby clothes. On a wander through the city or through the park, visiting grandma and grandpa and in the daycare, baby cardigans are particularly flexible and practical. Compared to a baby jumper, the cardigan has the advantage that it does not need to be pulled over the head. The cardigan is closed with buttons, snaps or zippers and can be dressed or undressed quickly. Especially when the daytime temperatures fluctuate significantly, the practical properties of the cardigan come to light. The baby can be dressed in layered look, also called onion look: romper, long-sleeved shirt, thereover the cardigan, tights and jeans and yet the little ones are well prepared for a busy day, where you have to change a lot between inside and outside. The range varies from lightweight cardigans made of organic cotton for the summer and warm cardigans made of organic wool for the transitional period and for the winter.

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Sustainable criteria for baby cardigans

A pretty design is as important for caring parents as well as the skin-friendly and non-toxic nature of the baby cardigan. So you can choose between plain, striped and patterned garments. The popular cable stitch is found as well as the diamond pattern or the Norwegian look among the baby cardigans.

Baby cardigans for the summer are often made of cotton. If the natural fibre comes from certified organic farming parents can be sure that organic cotton is processed without any harmful substances and pesticides by the cultivation and in the further manufacturing process. In addition to the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard), the Fair Trade certificate shows that harvesting and processing take place at fair wages and no child labor is accepted. The quality label Naturtextil IVN certified BEST has the highest sustainable standards, which means among other things that the textiles must be made from 100% certified organic fibers. Both summer baby cardigans and winter models are awarded at least one of these organic labels.

While certified organic cotton provides a comfortable fit, organic wool has warming properties. Both natural fibres can absorb moisture well, without the fabric feeling wet. Baby jackets made of organic cotton are easy to clean and can be washed preferably with a vegan organic detergent in the washing machine. Since wool is good at absorbing odors and dirt, it is often enough for a wool jacket to shake it out and air it out when the air is still slightly damp like in the early hours of the morning.

Baby Natural Clothing to slip on

When buying a baby cardigan, keep in mind the rapid growth of the little ones. Just pick one size up and simply roll up the sleeves or put on the jacket over a long-sleeve shirt. This saves money and also spares a little the natural resources, because you simply have to buy a little less baby clothes. If the cardigan becomes too tight, put a body underneath. Then the garment is still usable in the transitional period. And subsequently? Either keep it for another offspring or sell it at the kids flea market, because baby cardigans at Greenpicks are of high and long-lasting quality.

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