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Baby Accessories at Greenpicks

Non-toxic Organic Baby Accessoires simplify Everyday Life

Baby accessories are useful companions to make the baby everyday life cosy, warmer, more entertaining or even more practical. Ecoconscious parents put emphasis on pollutant-free products for baby accessories, as the soft baby skin shall not come into contact with chemicals. With baby accessories like hats, scarves, gloves and cloths made from organic cotton or organic wool in trendy and classic designs, the newborn can feel good from the start.

Belts with velcro and funny designs keep slipping baby clothes together. And with the motif belts even the little ones have fun to dress.

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Baby accessories in organic quality

As baby clothing, too, eco baby accessories are made from environmentally friendly materials and natural fibres. Manufacturer of baby accessories pay a special attention to the fact that the selected materials are skin-friendly and non-toxic. Many accessories for babies comply with the GOTS standard or the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Depending on the seal cotton from controlled organic cultivation is used or/and health-unfriendly substances are waived. Of course, it is always paid attention to good fashioning, high-quality materials and a child-oriented design. For many manufacturers of baby accessories it is also self-evident that the production process is environmentally friendly proceeded and the employees involved in the production are being treated and paid fair and socially.

Eco-friendly baby accessories as a green gift idea for birth

If parents, godparents and grandparents are looking for a sustainable gift for the birth, to baptism or first birthday, eco-friendly baby accessories are a beautiful gift idea for the little darlings. The accessories go down well with the baby and the parents, which thus might expand their baby equipment in organic quality.

Just browse the selection of accessories for babies at Greenpicks and get inspired from cute designs and attractive colours for your own environmentally friendly facilities. And much more useful utensils for your baby such as teether, pacifier clip, sleeping bag etc. you find in our departments baby supplies, sleeping und soother and teething rings.

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