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Sandals & Flip Flops at Greenpicks

Women's Sandals and Flip Flops for the ecological showdown

Somewhere in the world it is always summer. Then women's sandals and toe separators take the front row in the shoe rack. From casual over chic and elegant to brightly colourful and subtle plain, the airy shoe fashion for women is hip footwear when it’s hot. While flip-flops have only an angled strap and a thong that separates the big toe from the middle toe, the design of sandals varies much more. The finer the straps, the more elegant the sandal looks. Thus, they are quite suitable for the office and for festive occasions. Trekking sandals are rugged models with wide straps and toe and heel reinforcements designed for outdoor activities, shopping marathons and hikes. Different designs and colours promote women’s flip flops from water shoes to a fashionable highlight and make them suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the cushion, women's sandals and women's toe separators have a comfortable fit, similar to orthotic shoes, but look much more stylish.

Non-toxic Women's Sandals for Healthy Feet

With all the love of freedom for the feet and fashion awareness, more and more women place value on non-toxic summer shoes. They switch from fast fashion to slow fashion and treat themselves to a few sandals and thongs made of natural and tested materials. The trend is leather and fabric models whose starting materials come from certified organic farming and species-appropriate husbandry. Organic cotton, hemp, linen and other natural fibres as well as organic leather or recycled leather can be recognized by Fashionistas on the seals Naturleder IVN zertifiziert (for eco leather), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Made Green, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and the Blue Angel. Leather sandals made of vegan leather often carry the "Peta Approved Vegan" seal. Organic leather sandals and toe separators are free from hazardous to health and environmentally harmful chromium and other heavy metals. The leather is tanned vegetable. Sustainable shoe production also means that it is done with respect for nature, the environment and the people involved in manufacturing.

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Eco-friendly toe separator and sandals made of bioplastics & recycled plastic

The walk along the beach and the promenade will be an ecological show-down for women in colourful eco-friendly sandals and eco flip flops made of recycled plastic and bioplastic. Based on organic fibres biodegradable bioplastics are produced, which are used in many ways in women's footwear as well as in supplies for the kitchen, household and garden. Thanks to vegetable pigments, eco thongs and sandals shine in a wide range of colours, so that they can be combined with any summer outfit.

Even if e.g. for trekking sandals plastic is recycled, this is still resource-conserving rather than to use plastic from fossil raw materials to produce new outdoor shoes. In addition, the classic women's toe separator is a practical bathing shoe with a non-slip sole. These flip-flops made of bioplastic are water repellent and a practical companion at the pool, in the sauna and spa all-season.

Trendy summer shoes for women

In contrast to men, women's toe separators, but especially sandals, can be worn at any occasion, provided the summer shoes are harmoniously matched to the clothing. Shorts, T-shirts and trekking sandals are ideal for a coastal walk followed by a picnic in the dunes. Delicate strappy sandals, a classic eco jeans and top result in an airy office outfit (depending on the work area) that is also cosy and fashionable for the after-work party in the open air. Combined with skirt and blouse, sandals in marine colours, pastels and life-affirming colours such as red, yellow and orange bring the summer feeling and summery elegance. Gardening, on the other hand, works well in wooden clogs; they are more hard-wearing than open shoes. The summery women's footwear range at Greenpicks puts women's feet in the spotlight of trends without polluting the skin and the environment. Nice feet, clean environment!

Practical Tools for Shoe Care

Both sustainable materials and the proper shoe care of women's sandals and women's flip-flops are the essential thing for a neat appearance in the office and at leisure. Shoe polish and brush, shoehorns and shoe trees are practical shoe accessories to wear the favourite shoes for many summers.

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