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Storage at Greenpicks

Ecosystem in the kitchen: storage and put in order

Keeping order saves time, energy and nerves and increases well-being in your own home and at work. Small boxes and cases are practical to create order in the kitchen and in everyday life. For each furnishing there are appropriate models of large and small cans and containers from simple and plain through to garishly coloured to fancy designs. Bits and pieces lying around, utensils and everyday objects are quickly locatable if you store them in pretty decorative boxes and cases.

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Eco-friendly kitchen storage soloution

Other storage boxes in turn are made of bioplastic. Bioplastic is made from renewable raw materials and minerals and waxes. And bioplastic cans are absolutely food-friendly because they are free of harmful plasticizers. With the right eco-friendly kitchens storage you ensure that your food, dishes, beverages and baked goods will remain longer fresh and keep the natural aroma. Please choose between various cans, boxes and drinking bottles seals made of bioplastic or stainless steel with or without airtight closures. Thermos container made of stainless steel for cold or hot foods are convenient for transportation on the one hand and on the other hand stainless is absolutely sustainable because it can be recycled without loss to 100%. For baking fans there are chlorine-free baking paper and baking pans and dishes made of bioplastic that can be recycled environmentally friendly when you do not want to use it anylonger.

Use practical lunchboxes on the go that keep your breaktime snack and your organic vegetables pleasant fresh. And if you like to have a picnic, you will definitely find the right kitchen essentials on greenpicks.de/en. We offer a selection of kitchen accessories like plates, cups, cutlery, juice jugs and cutting boards made from bioplastic. They are also suitable for outdoor activities. Simply select courageously and buy ecologically meaningful.

Upcycling is a sustainable trend in the green kitchen

The containers and boxes offered at Greenpicks often arise in so-called Upcycling. Fantastic and unique products like small bins for the table and storage containers for small kitchen utensils emerge from residual materials, used tea and coffee bags and other materials that would actually end up at the landfill.

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