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Biodynamic gardening for balcony and garden

Biodynamic gardening works everywhere. Decorative plants, organic herbs, fruits and vegetables can be planted in the garden as well as on a small balcony and even on the windowsill. All you need are organic seeds, plants and perennials. A self supporter plants fruits and vegetables. This way you have direct influence on organic fertilisation and always have access to fresh ingredients that are not contaminated with harmful pollutants.

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Organic certified Seeds

It's not work, it's gardening with passion. If you put your heart and soul into planting a herb bed, cultivating fruits and vegetables, you should choose organic certified seeds. The EU Eco-regulation as well as the guidelines of the organic growers' associations regulate the organic production and labelling of organic products, of seeds, and their mother plants. According to EU Eco-regulation 834/2007 and the guidelines of the organic growers' associations, organic seeds are all seeds whose mother plants have been grown according to certified organic standards.

In organic farming, plants for certified organic seeds are grown without the use of pesticides. The seals of Demeter, Bioland and Naturland certify organically produced food. In addition to biodynamic farming methods, these organic seals take into account other sustainability criteria and social aspects, such as saying no to genetic engineering, factory farming and child labour, as well as respect for human rights. The guidelines of these associations are in part stricter than the requirements of the EU Eco-regulation.

Organic cultivation in your own garden – seasonal fruits & vegetables

Many types of fruits and vegetables can be planted in the open ground or in the raised bed. Spring flowering plants such as daffodil, tulip, pansies and clematis provide the first splashes of colour after a grey winter. Regional plant products are already available at the beginning of the season: Spring onions, asparagus, spinach, green onions. Potatoes, kohlrabi, beetroot, peas and various types of cabbage are on the menu between summer and autumn. Pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, black salsify and kale come onto the plate in autumn.

In the summer, there are plenty of fruit varieties: strawberries, garden rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, currants, mirabelles, cherries, plums. In winter, on the other hand, things look bleak. Home-grown apples should make up the majority of fruit consumption at that time of the year. Besides growing your own fruits and vegetables, buying at the weekly market or from the producer supports local jobs and saves packaging material. Fruit bags and vegetable nets made of organic cotton are suitable transport facilities in which the fresh products can also be stored.

Starting of growing fruits and vegetables made easy

Seedboxes are particularly appealing to beginners. Well-stocked with popular organic seeds and detailed instructions, the start of growing your own vegetables is made easy. The assortment includes seeds for classic plants, medieval vegetable varieties and the self supporter seedbox. The seeds come from classic horticultural cultivation work or from local, German and European breeders who are certified organic. Growing in your own natural garden and organic garden not only improves your green thumb, but also your own life cycle assessment.

Urban gardening – gardening in the smallest of spaces.

Every household garden becomes tasty and visually interesting with bee-friendly plants. Urban gardening is possible even on the smallest balcony or windowsill. There, the herb garden is planted vertically and stocked with organic dill, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, chives and thyme. The fresh kitchen herbs spice up every dish. The herbs can be planted in balcony trough or in classic clay pots for the windowsill. Matching planters ensure a harmonious overall look.

With the appropriate organic fertiliser and natural pest control, nothing stands in the way of a copious harvest. Whether fresh to the table or stocked for the winter – with certified organic seeds at Greenpicks, you get vegan food from your own garden at harvest time, free from pesticides and chemical pest killer. Organic fertiliser and a good culture medium provided!

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