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Sustainable Garden Accessories

Most months of the year, the garden demands a lot of attention, interrupted with cosy breaks on balmy summer nights. Before the gardening season is after the gardening season and vice versa. Sustainable garden accessories and garden tools support the care of garden beds, planters and balcony trough in an efficient way to conserve one's energy. The garden tools are also indispensable when trimming hedges, pruning woody plants and trees. When choosing garden accessories, nature lovers do not only look for the right tools, but also for their sustainable nature. So to speak, active climate protection in the personal environment, in order to keep the ecological footprint in one's own garden as small as possible.

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Sustainable garden tools from master craftsman

The range of sustainable garden tools is a selection of masterly handcrafted products. The tools, most of which are still forged by hand, are manufactured according to old craftsmanship in various family-run businesses with a long tradition. Garden tools made responsibly are in no way inferior to industrially manufactured garden tools. They are functionally sophisticated, extremely robust and designed for a long service life. They are suitable for long-term use and have a high aesthetic value. The handles and sticks of the garden tools are made of selected beech, ash, hickory or cherry wood.

All gardening tools are available in different sizes to suit a plant tub, a raised bed or a classic garden bed. Because the garden tools are mainly made of sustainable materials, they can be dismantled at the end of their useful life into single parts that can be recycled. The so-called "Swedish steel" from the Sandvik company is particularly appreciated for its perfect outdoor qualities.

Useful tools for efficient gardening

Various garden tools help to maintain the private biotope in every season. With the help of a spade, a rake or a garden hoe, the soil is loosened. This makes it easier to plant herbs, vegetables and plants. The standard equipment also includes secateurs and rose pruners with ergonomically shaped handles. In combination with sustainable materials such as stainless steel and beech wood, garden shears are significantly more ecological than conventional pruners.

The gardener's knife is used for grafting fruit trees. High-quality models are equipped with a folding, highly cut and sharp blade made of high-quality stainless steel. The gardening knife is multifunctional and is also suitable for harvesting and cutting flowers, herbs and fruit and for pruning trees and fruit plants. A grindstone can be used to significantly extend the life of the blade.

Grafting knives and budding knives are special gardening knives. The foldable garden knife makes gardening easier. It is ideal for grafting, budding, digging mushrooms, germination, planting, weeding, pruning and sawing.

The right cutting tool for picking mushroom is the mushroom knife. With the curved blade, the tubers can be cut off easily with a sharp cut. Sustainable materials are also used in a mushroom knife. The ergonomically shaped handle is made of stout wood, e.g. beech wood, olive wood, rosewood or walnut wood, and the hardened blade is made of recyclable stainless steel. Use the natural bristles attached on the handle to lightly brush away any soil particles that might be clinging on to the mushroom. The blade is foldable for safe storage while the handle is sturdy enough to withstand pressure.

Tools for Woodwork

Small trees, bushes, hedges – anything made of wood should be pruned, trimmed and thinned out at regular intervals. Rotten branches are removed with a branch saw. A hatchet is suitable for all universal work in the forest and garden. With the standard equipment for garden owners, thin out trees, divide root balls, chop up tree cuttings, spilt firewood or other work can be done on wood or trees and shrubs. A universal hatchet made of high-quality materials guarantees a long service life. The manual garden tools are operated with muscle strength – good exercise and saving electricity.

Sustainable plant pots and flower boxes – fancy organic!

Greenpicks also focuses on ecological and sustainable garden products when it comes to garden accessories. For example, the sustainability of a planter is influenced by the material from which it is made. While certain trees, perennials and plants withstand well to climate change, the carbon footprint of the production of plant pots and window boxes should also be coherent. After all, the production of ceramic cachepot, terracotta pots and wooden planters also costs energy and resources. On the other hand, the high-quality materials have a long service life. When the plastic flower pots cease to be, they can be replaced with flower pots made of so-called meadow grass plastic. The natural, renewable raw material is processed into plastic in a resource-saving way. This type of bioplastic contains no plasticisers and is 100 percent recyclable. Local, sustainable, environmentally friendly!

Creative garden decorations

With a view to the day's work while having a glass of fresh lemonade it is easy to ponder which decoration should be placed in which area of the garden. A reusable bird house filled with organic birdfeed ensures that wild birds always have enough to eat. Without a power connection and without a rechargeable battery, a gravity lamp provides light on the balcony or in the allotment. And discarded gum boots, old watering cans and cookware get a second life as planters. Green and brown wine bottles or wood scraps can serve as bed bordering, for example. Be creative before taking household items to the bulky waste. Nowadays, upcycling is part of creative garden landscaping.

Gardening supplies meet a high ecological standard

With the right equipment, from gloves and knee pads to organic wellington boots, hands, knees and feet are protected from dirt and minor injuries during gardening. After the work is done, certified organic cleanser and care products ensure clean hands and well-groomed skin.

Environmentally gardening accessories and sustainable gardening tools are ideal companions for gardening and plant care – for both hobby gardeners and professionals. Gardening supplies at Greenpicks meet a high ecological standard as well as a resource-saving and socially responsible production. The garden tools combine traditional craftsmanship with well thought-out functionality and a long service life.

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