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Eco-friendly Glasses and sustainable Glassware

Glass and glassware can be found in every household. The material "glass" is a moldable material that can be poured or blown into almost any shape. As with all sustainable products, with glasses and glassware are the production, functionality as well as the pollution-free and long lasting quality of great importance.

Minimalists restrict themselfs to a few glasses, finally everything can be drunken from a drinking glass. Depending on the drink connoisseurs prefer, however, a special glass. They gladly serve their drinks in aperitif glasses, liquor glasses, wine glasses and classical water glasses. Whether minimalist or connoisseur: both value the best possible and sustainable quality of glasses that they use. In addition to the look and shape of the glass it also depends on the material composition, that should be absolutely free of heavy metals such as lead or chemical colour additives from an environmentally friendly and healthy point of view.

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Composed by natural law – Energetically Glasses and Carafes

For a special taste perception of the various drinks stand the so called energetically glass products. The Old Masters placed a great value in the formative forces of nature. Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics. The formative forces of nature act on their environment such as eg rivers shape the face of the earth. Similarly the drinking vessel shape well-being of the liquids. All energy glass products are carefully designed and composed according to these laws of nature. So each piece is a real pleasure for the eye and each drink is a delicacy. Water and other liquids sense this harmonic force and thereby enhanced biological.

A variety of energetically glasses, carafes, pitchers, bowls and glass accessories are mouthblown from lead-free glass according to traditional workmanship. So each piece is unique.

For relish – matching glasses and glassware for any occasion

Not every beverage is drinkable as good from each glass. There are many good reasons why there is a corresponding form for each drink. So fruit brandy develops in a fruit brandy glass, while its taste and smell would quickly dissipate in a water glass. The same applies to matching white- and red wine glasses. For each wine you need a special wine glass so that the wine can completely develop its bouquet. The same is true for organic tea and organic coffee. Brewed in the appropriate pot and drunken from the properly cup, tea- and coffee connoisseurs will enjoy the fine flavours.

Water is not just a transparent, tasteless liquid, but the source of life. It's more than just a thirst quencher. It provides valuable life energy and regenerates the body. Also healing powers are attributed to the natural drink. According to today's estimation, the water must be pure and vital. The biological value of water, juice or other liquids that are placed a few minutes in an energetic water glass or drinking cup can be upgraded in its flavour. Water, juice or other beverages placed in the glass are strengthened in their biological value and flavours can change, gaining a fullness or softness, depending on the taster.

Sustainable Glassware in a varied range

Glasses and dishes contribute to the well-being and a pleasant atmosphere, both in one's own four walls and in restaurants. In addition to water-, wine- and liqueur glasses an inviting table includes bowls, carafes, jugs, pitchers, coasters and candle holder. A particularly harmonious overall picture emerges when glasses and glass tableware and accessories are combined with matching design. Well-known manufacturers such as Nature's Design and Living Designs create modern glasses and glassware in perfection and with the powerful symbol of the Flower of Life. Reduced appearance, clear lines, considering the Golden Ratio and positive functionality make the sustainable glass products durable lifestyle products that enrich our daily life.

The selection is as varied as the occasions when you come together at the table. Order your glasses and glassware now at Greenpicks!

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