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Bathing & Care – Natural Baby Care

Especially the birth of the first child is a great adventure for young parents. Full of anticipation, with the addition to the family a small family is formed. The initial inexperience in baby care vanishes by practical experience. Supported by the right utensils, bathing and care for the newborn is a piece of cake for mum and dad. And at the same time, the baby care provides the opportunity for parents to build up and enjoy the baby's closeness and confidence. Apart from a fresh (fabric) nappy, the essential items include washcloths, towels and fresh clothes. And because baby's skin is particularly sensitive, baby care products in organic quality are recommended. This prevents them from coming into contact with pollutants and possibly causing allergies.

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Gentle cleansing and careful care of sensitive baby skin with organic products

In the first few months it is enough for newborn babies to be bathed once or twice a week. Fill some warm water into a sink or a baby bathtub and wipe with a soft natural sponge over the skin and the tender hair. For sponges in organic quality it is necessary that they are harvested in sustainably managed and controlled cultivation and are without chemical additives.

Baby shampoo, bath additives and soaps are only necessary when the baby is really dirty. A (vegan) baby wash lotion is characterised by natural ingredients and free of fragrance, dyes and preservatives. When the hair has become denser, a mild organic baby shampoo can be used.

Wrap your baby after bathing in a warmed towel made of organic cotton and dap it dry. The natural cotton ensures that the baby skin does not come into contact with pollutants. GOTS certified organic cotton is grown without pesticides. Even in the further manufacturing process, the organic seal guarantees that the material is reprocessed without pollutants.

Baby care products have to protect the skin optimally without burden. Therefore, the care of baby skin should be well dosed and done with harmless ingredients. Choose a baby soap or baby oil with natural vegetable oil, without mineral oils, without pesticides and insecticides, without essential oils, PEG-containing raw materials, parabens, without dyes and preservatives and without allergy suspicious fragrances. Plant oils soak into the skin and provide it with essential fatty acids. The especially skin-friendly ingredients protect the young skin from drying out.

Baby body care from head to toe

After bathing, the baby needs a careful care from head to toe. With a soft baby brush you can comb the hair of the newborns and gently massage the scalp. Make sure that the baby hairbrush is made from natural raw materials and free from plastic and chemicals.

The soft nails usually do not need any special care during the first weeks of life. Once the nails have hardened, a baby nail scissors with rounded tips, made of recyclable, stainless steel is suitable for gentle nail care. The time after a bath is well suited to shorten the nails with special baby nail scissors.

When the first teeth appear, dental care is also part of baby body care. There are special baby toothbrushes with soft bristles and BPA-free materials. Often, growing of the milk teeth hurts. The teething troubles relieve a teething ring made of natural rubber and wood. A natural teething ring is not only made of non-toxic materials, but is often combined as a learning toy. Thus, a grasping toy and a teething aid allow babies to touch and grasp and chew on it.

As soon as the toddlers become more autonomous, they often want to brush their teeth on their own. A toothbrush learning kit is designed for small hands so that they can practice the right cleaning movements. Then the child gets the first children toothbrush, which is made of BPA-free bristles and a wooden handle (for example bamboo). The materials are biodegradable and recyclable.

Nappies and changing a baby in organic quality

The botty should be cleaned whenever the nappy is changed. Baby wipes are comfortable, but at the same time cause an unnecessary pile of rubbish. Eco-friendly and skin-friendly is the intimate care of girls and boys with lukewarm water and a washcloth made of organic cotton. Cleaning cloths for babies are often offered in larger quantities, so you always have plenty of washcloths to wash the dirty towels at 60-90° C in the washing machine.

Disposable nappies are popular, but they cause like wipes a lot of garbage and burden our environment. Diapers in organic quality score as well as baby towels and washcloths made from organic cotton. The organic nappies are non-toxic, skin-friendly and more breathable as disposable diapers. Cloth nappies are square cloths, e.g. muslin squares in a pack of 10 or 25, which are folded. A nappy pants made from organic cotton or untreated sheep wool from controlled biological livestock ensures a secure hold.

Eco-friendly changing bags

Sustainable changing bags or a rucksack are the perfect travel equipment when mom and dad are traveling with their baby. In addition to the design, the quality of the organic changing bags is also important. Phthalates free and recyclable materials and a climate-friendly and fair production count to the sustainability criteria. The standard equipment includes a changing mat, pram attachment straps and individual and removable inner pods. This provides a hygienically separate storage of changing utensils and baby food. Later, the organic changing bag and the backpack can be used as an attractive handbag, shoulder bag, messenger bag or knapsack for work and leisure time.

With washcloth, towel & bathrobe made from organic cotton and organic skin care, nail scissors and hairbrush bathing & care for your baby is done in a natural way. Sustainable utensils for the care of your offspring can be found in the organic online shops at Greenpicks.

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