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Shoes (Size 16 - 20) at Greenpicks

Organic baby shoes for the natural development of the foot

Regarding shoes for babies (sizes 16 to 20) is the parting of the ways. Some prefer to go barefoot for a natural development of the foot. Other scientists, doctors and parents prefer baby shoes and baby walker shoes made of soft, natural, non-toxic materials such as organic cotton or leather.

Non-toxic Baby Booties and Newborn Shoes

Although babies wear their shoes due to rapid growth for a very short time, parents should attach great importance to organic quality in the selection of baby and toddler shoes. Eco baby shoes generally have few or no pollutants such as chromate, polycyclical aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) or formaldehyde. Proven organic labels provide information about whether the baby shoes are made from an ecological point of view. Baby shoes made of leather should be free of chromium, formaldehyde and azo dye. The leather colours should be safe and free of heavy metals. Even with vegetable-based inks eco-riendly manufacturer achieve beautiful and brilliant coloration.

Some manufacturers of skin-friendly baby shoes go even one step further. In terms of the value chain and sustainability, they develop newborn shoes, which can be composted after wearing. So the baby shoes are returned in the natural cycle.

Rattle your socks to natural children’s shoes

And when your offspring rattles its socks, you will find on Greenpicks eco-friendly children's shoes for girls and boys in the same organic quality as baby shoes.