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Eco Music Boxes – musical sleep aid for babies and toddlers

Even in the womb, from the 28th week of pregnancy babies can hear the sounds of the outerworld. Especially the mother's voice is already familiar to them when they come into the world. Babies also love soothing melodies. Many expectant mothers decide on a music clock before childbearing to familiarize the unborn child with the soothing sounds. If the planned child has seen the light of day, it is initially occupied with intake of food and sleeping. Regulated bedtime and the nightly closeness to the parents give them security. Rituals to fall asleep like cuddling with mother or father, reading a bedtime story and the pleasant melody of a music box help babies and toddlers to retire in the evening.

Musical clocks for babies

In addition to the volume, the harmless quality of the eco music clocks is crucial. Sustainable music boxes, which also serve as cuddly toys or cuddle blankets, are made on the outside of organic cotton or wool from certified species-appropriate husbandry. They must not have plasticisers, bisphenols (e.g., BPA), phthalates or coming loose particles. Aniline (in the dye), antimony, halogenated organic compounds, optical brighteners and allergenic emulsion paints are also taboo. Most baby toy manufacturers are certified according to the EU Organic Regulation and/or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD and other eco seals. As the clockwork is usually made of plastic, ecological models use phthalate-free ABS plastic. The high-quality plastic can be remelted and reused with clean separation (recycling).

While producers of child-friendly and creative eco toys must adhere to German, European and/or international toy guidelines, they are committed to fair, resource-efficient and safe production conditions.

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Tips for online shopping of a music box

Babies love soft music. That is why many music clocks are equipped with classics such as "The moon has risen" by Matthias Claudius, the lullaby "Lullaby and goodnight" by Johannes Brahms and the folk song "Can you count the stars". Recent hits from popular movies or modern classics like the ♪ theme music of Forrest Gump ♪ or ♪ La-Le-Lu ♪ gently lull the child to sleep. However, the famous lullabies from the music box should be played softly and quietly. Too loud music clocks overstimulate the baby (and also the parents) and can even cause physical symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorders or even hearing damage. A DIN standard regulates that the music boxes are not too loud for the child at a distance of 50 cm. But because babies often cuddle with the plush toy including a music clock and then have it close to the ear, the eavesdroppers are exposed to increased noise pollution. Here the DIN standard fails. Therefore parents should test the noise level of the music box and trust their sense. Even with the online shopping of a music clock, this test is feasible. If not satisfied, customers can make use of the right of withdrawal.

If the music box is housed in a stuffed animal, it should be removable from the case to be able to wash the plush toy. Practical Velcro® closures or concealed zippers make this possible. Depending on the material, the organic cuddly toys are usually washable at 30°C to 60°C. By means of a drawstring the music box can be activated. A sturdy strap allows the musical sleeping aid to be hung near the cot or baby cradle. Parents should keep an adequate distance to make the lullaby relaxing and not too loud for the tired child. Mother and father are then soon rewarded with a sleeping baby and can perhaps even take a short nap or do some work undisturbed in the household or in the home office.

For music boxes with lighting effects similar criteria pertain as for the volume. What might be too loud for one, can cause excitement instead of calmness if the toy includes too fast play of light. Slow movements, on the other hand, have a calming effect, but do not lose their sleep-soothing fascination. The same applies to a rotating mobile. According to the motto "less is more" music boxes should have no superfluous knick-knack, as unnecessary details can come off and thus increase the risk of swallowing.

Sustainable music clocks for a good night

Eco music boxes have many forms of appearance. They are hidden in a moon, in a sun or are combined with a mobile. The selection of melodies is versatile, ranging from classical to pop and rock songs as quiet interpretations. Cuddly toys such as dog, rabbit, bear and monkey play evergreens like "Somewhere over the rainbow". Children prefer to go to bed if they know there is a Goodnight story or song. For over 50 years, the popular Sandman melody has been accompanying children to sleep in West and East, near and far, musically marking the bedtime ritual. Because the little ones are happy and enjoy the time together close with mum and dad. It can also happen that parents fall asleep with their offspring listening to the cradle song "Sleep, Baby, Sleep". Of course, the calming voice and the soft singing of mother and father make it easy to send the little darling into the land of dreams. However, if you need to rest after a long day, use the sleep aid with soft melodies. Whether as a gift for birth, christening, birthday or Christmas – sleepy music clocks can be found at Greenpicks in sustainable quality.

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